Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dinsdale Photography sponsorship

Just want to say a huge Thank You to Connie at Dinsdale Photography. She & her husband Don were kind enough to sponsor me & my cycling adventures with a new pair of mountain bike shoes. Connie discovered her liking for photography a few years back. I think her having grandchildren is what really sparked the passion. Now her passion has branched off into all sorts of subjects. She has done numerous senior portraits, children & familiy groups that get quite large at times. She has a nice comfy indoor studio and can go pretty much anywhere the jobs takes her when shooting outdoors. She has even decided to work her first wedding later this year.

You can visit Connie's work by visiting her blog (in progress) or by going to her Fotki photo hosting site. Feel free to click the links below.

Did I mention yet that she is also my mom? Thanks to you both for the help with the shoes. I really appreciate it & am really thankful for the sponsorship. I picked up my old Nike's about four years ago at Goodwill for $4.50 and they are about shot. They have more shoe-goo that they do stitching.

Thanks again!!

Captain Bob (aka, son)

Got em!

No more eating from my Frito's bag!! Caught this little guy a couple weeks ago.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chips & Salsa

Finally arrived. The Salsa Mamasita.