Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sweets Marsh was sweet tonight.

Took the Cannondale for a ride tonight. Needed to get more saddle time on that Tioga Spyder saddle. So far it's working pretty good.
Got in around 20-22 miles of gravel, paved and dirt. Gotta love that. The trails on the dike around Sweets Marsh were just a little wet. Not much mud but the grass & weeds were wet. Good riding regardless. I went out tonight at 7:50pm and just barely made it in the driveway by the time the sun had disappeared. You get a bit more sunlight out here in the sticks than you do in town.
Have a nice weekend and don't forget to ride your bikes people.
Captain Bob.....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Camp ride.

Saturday I rode at the scout camp for a while. Met up with a few nice folks for a little riding and a little trail mapping. Slade & crew were preparing for the du and I was getting in a nice ride. I was hoping to soften the rutted trail a bit but I doubt riding on them even helped. They are just too hard right now. Sounds like they race day was a success. Wish I could have been there. Instead I was out of town visiting family, which was fun too.
Got in about 7 miles of gravel tonight, part of which involved riding to the grogery store for last minute dinner ingredients. Better than nothing.
I am still loving the new Ergon grips that mr 24hr set me up with. The rounded center seems til fill the void inside of my palm. Can't wait to put in a longer ride with them.
Later folks....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Preferred Start Baby!!!

Just recently received my confirmation card from the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festivel folks confirming that I have been awarded a preferred start. That means I get to ride with John least for a few hundred feet until he pours it on and leaves me to eat his dust.
So, I better work on getting fast before August this year. I skipped the TT last night. Tough choice because I really love TT'ing. Rolled out on the Salsa Mamasita with the great Casey Dean. We rode through Black Hawk Park. Started out fairly fast paced and sort of stayed that way. We made the occasional stop to clear the trail of downed trees. Casey is a fast guy which pushed me more than I would have done by myself. Thanks Casey for taking time out of your bathroom restoration.
I am really loving this new bike. Fits me like it was custom made just for me. The feel of the rear on this bike is difficult to describe. It just feels alive. That's a good thing. The 29 inch wheels rolled over the big rocky sections on this trail with greater ease than any bike I have ever ridden (it's a 29er thing).
When I got home I noticed this gorgios sunset out my kitchen window. Gotta love that.
I will be riding at the Camp this Sat am. Maybe around 6:00 am. Maybe I'll see you there.

Monday, May 14, 2007

No. I have not forgotten how to post.

I don't know why I haven't posted lately. I am going to blame it on the way blogger was making me login. I always had to do it twice. That, and I have been really busy.

A few things.......

I got a pr last Wed night at the time trials. 26.16 (or 26.19) can't remember for sure. That was exciting.

Helped out G-Ted with Trans IA finish line work. What an experience! Good times.

Have around 100 miles on the Salsa Mamasita.......finally!!! Loving it! Those miles should rack up pretty quick now that summer is here........along with the crappy wind. Rode tonight about 12 miles. Really tough pulling the Burley trailer with 70lbs of 3-6 years old little girls. It felt like I was pulling a mini-van into the wind.

Built up a single speed cross bike & have been testing some gear that G-Ted has thrown my way. I'll be writing something up on those soon so keep an eye on his sites.

My baby turned 3 two weeks ago. Seems like just yesterday......

Took a quick trip to La Crosse Wi area last weekend for my brothers graduation reception. Good to see all those folks.

I will post again this week! I mean it! Thanks for being patient. Hopefully you haven't all removed me from your bloggers list.