Thursday, March 03, 2011


Just a quick spin down my gravel road and back. Just love this bike. I've that if I max the dampening on the rear shock it helps the Spearfish pedal so much better on gravel roads. Obviously, it won't be a good setting for trails. I plan to get a little ride in this weekend.

Then, after church on Sunday I hope to be building up my new Salsa El Mariachi steel frameset. We'll see if there's time. Maybe anyone reading this can help me decide on the build kit. I have Shimano lx/xt build or a Sram x9 build. Can't decide yet, the Sram kit is by far newer (brand new to be exact) and much nicer. The sloppy gravel roads will surely destroy it though.

** The blue Salsa is like mine will be (except mine will have gears) but not mine.