Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Faze Five.......Check!

Put on the Reynolds fork yesterday. There was a headset issue but that has been resolved. Added a few parts to her last night. The bar & stem is not staying on, just for the pics.

I still need an aero bar combo, brake levers and 9 speed bar-end shifters.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Project Caonnondale TT.....Phase three complete!

Had a nice ride at camp with G-Ted that started around 8:00am today. Nice pace. Just quick enough to keep warm but not too fast that we couldn't breathe enough to talk. Took a few pics. G-Ted is such a 29er nut. Also, I was granted a chance to ride the Salsa Dos Niner. Wow, is all I can say. The bike is extremly light feeling on the trail. Very snappy. It's offers an unusual feeling. Unusual at first anyways. Once you start riding through the singletrack, and settle into a groove, I started to notice that the frame feels (and starts to even look) as though it is threading you around the twists & turns. Steering was effortless. The one inch of rear travel feels like two or three inches but without the wasted effort. The word "flow" comes to mind. I was impressed. Thanks G-Ted & Salsa for the test ride. Then, I had to get back on my Fort but the fun was not over. Gotta love the camp.

After the ride I headed to the spray booth to complete phase three of the tt project. Laid on the candy smoke, decals and clear coat. All went very well. I did run out of clear coat which left the seat tube (facing the tire) a little dull but the base coat is there to protect the metal. You will notice in one of the pics that the decals appear to silver. They are actually reflecting the light from my camera flash. They are reflective decals. Overall I think it is my best attempt at painting a frame all myself. Getting better everytime. I am starting to run out of quality frames to paint though.....


Monday, December 11, 2006

trail building

The girls helped me out a little the other day. We started some a few weeks ago. This weekend was phase two. I should be able to get close to 3/4 mi when we are done. Single track & double track. Here are a few pics. Obviously the need a good raking & lots of riding.


Project Cannondale TT update

Finished the brushing of the bare metal this weekend. Next step is finishing up one custom decal. Saturday I may get to lay on the paint.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Light weight wheels....

Anyone thinking about dropping the cash for some lightweight wheels? You may need to rethink the subject before dropping the cash. G-Ted has a post on his blog that may change your mind. My take on it is unless you are only going uphill or racing crits the lightest wheels may limit your momentum.

Also, I have a rediculously heavy pair of road wheels for sale and the asking price just doubled.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

I wish it were this EASY

Losing weight has just gotten a little bit easier. I wish. Pizza & no exercise tonight.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Been treadmillin the last few days. About 2-3 miles. Mostly working on getting limber again. Been years since I ran. I am mostly walking really fast and then jogging for a bit. Then, I sprint for as long as I can. Did 10 mph for 45 seconds two nights ago. Last night I ran at 8mph for one minute. Felt pretty good too. I have been focusing on taking in really deep breaths which I think will help me with cycling. Taking a break tonight. Will ride rollers tommorrow night in the garage. Most likely be riding the fixie (which is still for sale).

Scroll down. The fixie price has been reduced again. $198.99

Get out and ride your bike or do something active.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Project Congdondale update

Here is a pic of what might be the only sticker to grace my "Project Congdondale TT" bike, other than the black reflective Cannondale Decals. I'm also still holding a secrect on what color I'm gonna lay on her sweet "brushed" aluminum tubes. (hint hint, brushed)

The sticker is a picture of Jesus in case you couldn't see that part. It says, "He died so you don't have to." That's always a good thing to remember. Everyday.

That's all for tonight folks... God bless.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Project Cannondale TT


The project has officially begun. Blasted her down to the bare metal today. Picked up some custom decals that are black and reflect light. Sweet! I have decided on a color but am keeping that a secret for now. More on that soon.

Anyone need a fixie? Scroll down. Price reduced. Now $199. ***That includes delivery.

***delivery is when you drive to my house and put a leg over the fixie and ride her home yourself.

That's all for now folks.

Captain Bob

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time to get your fix?

Today I decided to sell my fixed gear Raleigh Grand Prix. It is a 58cm I think. I can measure more accurately if you need me to. Works perfectly. New tires. Not very light but she rolls pretty fast. You can put a bmx style freewheel on it if you need that.

$200 obo

Captain Bob

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

29er camp.

Sort of a late post by why not post it anyways. I went out riding with a bunch of cool folks to the camp last Saturaday. Had the luxury of riding a pals Raleigh XXIX single speed. What a great time I had. That bike just rolls so easily over downed trees & other sketchy terrain. Better than any of my 26ers. As my little Ella would say, "Me rikey dat bike, it mine!" Although the bike is not mine, I do rikey it. I did get a couple of pics before having to give the bike back. They pics are not from the camp but rather my backyard.

Thanks again G-Ted for the loaner bike. I really enjoyed it. Gave me that single speed respect again that I almost lost.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ever have shin burger?

Ever have shin burger? I have and I don't much like it. I spent a little time at the Dirt N the House tonight. I took the Haro out for a spin and she bit me. Guess I need to consider going clipless. If you haven't ever been to the House you need to check it out. It's twice as long this year and loads of fun. You don't even have to leave to ground. After sprinting around once you'll be feeling the burn man!

Better get going now......I need to get my leg cleaned up. Ouch!!

Captain Bob

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the time has come......

Today starts my new project. Besides the obvious which is cleaning out my shop. What a mess! The project is to rebuild the "Congdondale." I will be stripping off all the old parts and putting on full Ultegra. Used Ultegra of course. Why buy new when used will do. I have not decided yet if I should repaint first. I have the painting skills but there is no way I can decide what color. Maybe you can help me out with that. Send me a note with your thoughts. Thanks.

Peace out.
Captain Bob

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I sure missed out.

I could have been riding the Salsa El Maricahi on Saturday but instead I went shopping out of town with my girls. Still had a nice time though.
Please excuse my shabby 5 minute photoshop work on this.

Peace out.
Captain Bob