Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zion 737 29er mountain bike. Medium $700

*For Sale* $700

email me.

Cannondale Touring Cross bike 58cm (med/lrg) $300

*For Sale* $300.

email me.

Tommasini *For Sale* 58cm

*For Sale* $500

email me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more trip to MN fotos

I am here. Not lost in Minnesota.

Sorry for the lack of posting. This house project is killing me people. I am less than two weeks from being done. Done!!!!

Ok. So now I need to reflect a bit on the tip. Thanks to G-Ted for the invite up to Minneapolis. Greatly appreciated. We rode with the Twin Six crew on Tuesday at Murphy. That was a nice time riding on some great swoopy singletrack. A must see for all mountain bikers. They even treated us to dinner which was a great time. Brent is a cool kat. He even threw me a new jersey, bottle and a pair of matching sox. Sweet!

We met up with Jason Boucher (the GM at Salsa Cycles) on Tuesday evening. You may have read over at the G-Ted site that there was plenty of camera talk and drool going on. Then, we worked on the new Salsa Fargo's which is what we were going to ride on Wednesday morning. That was a lot of fun. I don't get to hang out with cool bike dudes very often when time is in limited supply. So, hanging out was way awesome. We woke up early and headed out. Rode the Minnesota River trail. Saw some pretty cool landscape and rode some great trails. We met up with a bunch of the Salsa Crew. Rode for a bit longer and then stopped by the river to make a campsite. Started a fire while others were cooking up some breakfast. Wow! That is way cool. I need to do this more often. I have never stopped during a ride for this sort of downtime. Man, what a treat! After that we hopped back on the sweet riding Fargo's and headed for Quality Bicycle Components which houses Salsa Cycles (and Surly). We had a quick meet and greet. I met some new folks and said hi to some old friends. We were even able to grab a keepsake from the legendary Salsa Free Table. Thanks for the hat guys. You have a super cool work environment. I wish I was able to have such a comfortable workspace at my job. Well, it was getting late and we had about another 25 miles to ride so we headed back. The ride home was fun but I was beat. Beat bad. Lots of riding and not enough foord I guess. After the ride was over Jason treated us to some huge burritos. Pablos sytle folks. The ride home was nice. Hanging with the G Man was fun. We both had a nice time remembering reflecting on the two days.

Thanks to the Twin Six crew for showing us Murphy. Thanks again for dinner and the swag. Salsa Cycles. Thanks to all that came out to ride with us. This is something I will always remember and greatly appreciate. Very cool two days for sure.

Captain Bob

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


That's right folks. Out of town for two days. Going up to MN to ride with my buddy G-Ted. We will be hooking up with these guys and these guys. Should prove to be a great time. Lots of riding and great times hanging out with some great people. Should be just what I need. I have been a little on edge these days and I hope I come back refreshed and easier to get along with.

I will be bringing back some great photos so stay tuned. For now though I leave you with a parting shot of the gear pile that is on my deck.

Ride your bikes today could just be the last great day of weather for 2008.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

House progress.......if you can call it that!

master toilet
master vanity
more master bathroom
master bedroom
master bedroom
master closet
storage closets
hallway leading to office, storage colsets and garage.
foyer leading to hallway

House is getting close. We have been having trouble reminding our contractors that they have a job to do. It is pretty sad when you can't even get them to work at your house even after weeks of begging. Thank goodness for friends. I have one that helped me with the electrical and another that will be doing the flooring with me. Thank you!!!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

I stink at blogging.......

sorry folks. just can't seem to stay on task with this blogging thing. too many things to do I guess so something has to give.

so, enough writing and I will post a picture story about what's been going on lately.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday morning Camp out

Saturday morning was a ride out at the South side of the Camp again. Signed in was Casey Dean, G-Ted, Bidwell, Deerslayer and myself. Bidwell was a little late but signed in anyway. We chose to pedal on gravel over to the South side to get some needed miles in on my lazy legs. We took a couple hot laps and waited for Cuz when the call came. "I'm here, driving a minivan but I am here." By the time we found him he was a little in the dumps due to loosing his Blackberry. Long story short, we found it by making 10 calls from my cell to his. Lucky for us Deerslayer found it. I knew the guy had the lungs for cycling but who knew the guy could sing. This was the highlight of my ride Saturday...watching and listening to Rob belt out a stage worthy performance.

If the link works you will get to see a little of what we saw out there on that cobweb infested super fast single track.

Hope you all had a weekend as good as mine.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hot Lunch

Spent the lunch hour riding Tuesday. It was nice being able to clear the mind and get some fresh air. I didn't realize how hot I would get with such a little effort. My shirt was soaked by the time I landed back at my desk. I think I'll do it again next week. Maybe an hour and a half instead of the hour. They'll never notice.......right!

Ride when you can folks cause the summer is about over. But hey, that's when the good riding starts.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Look at what I am riding now. Yup. Skinny tires again/ Still a 29er though. This will be a nice ride that I hope to put a lot of miles on. Nice comfy steel. Gotta love that. Might even make it to some of those goofy road rides that leave Bike Tech during the week.....just maybe.

Sounds like the Bike Tech racers had an awesome time at Leadville. Good job folks. Our buddy Kerkove kicked some butt too. Nice effort Jeff. Great finish.

See you all soon I hope.


Not much riding in the past few days for me. Pam has been on call so I get to be in charge of the twerps. I did have a chance to enjoy this fine sunset with my two little sweethearts Friday night. Just love the colors of a sunset. Madee and Ella have come to really enjoy just sitting back and admiring them too.