Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bull riding didn't hurt this bad......

Well. Let me start by saying I am glad the snow is finally here. I get to use these little snowboard scooter tyle machines. WRONG! I hate these stupid machines. I must be too heavy or something. I was off Fletcher Ave near University the other day & thought, "That's a nice hill for sled down." It was indeed. The bad thing is I fell off towards the bottom and now I can't breathe.

That started healing up but then Sunday I decided to get up on the roof and get rid of some of that snow. Too bad the ladder went down out from under me when I sepped onto the stinking roof. That's right! I fell down. Landed 9 or 10 feet below on our deck. Didn't hurt at all, at first. I thought, "I'm okay or dead." Turns out I was okay. The same sore spot from sledding is what broke my fall from the roof. Went to the Chiropractor today and x-rays show everything is fine. Nothing broke, so he adjusted me, ALOT! Go back again Thurs.

I am down to only have two complete bikes. A TT bike (97% complete) and a fixie. The mtb is just about down to the bare frame. Selling most of it all to buy a 29er. Darn G-Ted put this 29er crap in my veins. Also, the fixie is still for sale. Price reduced: $192.57


Monday, January 22, 2007

trail grooming....

Those darn trails can't wait until spring for grooming so the girls helped me out a couple of weeks ago. I guess I helped them more than they helped me.

Monday, January 08, 2007

one step closer......

The clip-on aero bars came today. They sure do look pretty. Oh yeah, the shifters are on now too.

Three more "super" surprises for Blue Colnago coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


Friday, January 05, 2007

I am the stair master

Maybe not the master but this is what I doing during my lunch hours. Not as much fun as riding but, it's easier since I do not have to leave my office building. Lately I have been running up ever step from the 1st floor to the top of the 8th floor. That's 24 steps per floor. I do ever step the 1st time. I ride the elevator down to catch my breath and so I don't fall. There have been three people fall down the stairs since I started working in this building. The last gal completely shattered her elbow and will have perminant loss. I don't need that. The 2nd time up I take two steps at a time. 3rd time up, every step and the 4th time up I take two steps at a time. That averages around 504 steps per lunch hour.

It also doesn't bother my severe shin splits that I have been having. Doc tells me to not run at all for two weeks but I convinced him that running up the stairs doesn't hurt so he said to continue with it.

Been doing a little roller riding but not enough to start mentioning the miles involved.

Over and out....

Fayse Six is underway

Fayse six is not complete but, I am getting a good start. This little sweetie came today. I am already in love with her. She is so soft and smooth. The matching aero bar should come on Saturday or Monday. The shifters should srrive any day too. Still have to get brake levers and maybe a new stem. This one is 110mm which might be too long.

Have a nice safe weekend.