Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For Sale = $120.

Here we have a single speed mountain bike. Size is between medium and large.


Call me or email me. 319-415-6302 or


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finally back outside!

Was able to sneak in a ride Friday. Some of the time was spent test riding a couple of bikes I recently built up that are for sale. More on that in a day or so. Good deals for someone too.
The best part of yesterday was being able to get adjusted a little on the new Large Salsa Mamasita. The large is a great fit. Had a few gearing issues but those worked themselves out after a few miles. No crashes either so that is a plus. Can't wait for the "fit man" to get me set up on Feb 29. Clay will help me out a lot. That will be good to get done. Thanks Bike Tech for getting this set up for everyone.
Check out this vintage sled I picked up the other day. Never seen one like this before. Works great this year will all of the ice. I love the handlebar thing it has going on instead of the rope and stick steering. I bet if this sled were a bike it would be a 29er for sure.......

Get out and ride folks. Just be watching out for the cars sliding through intersections........


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For Sale: get your fix now!

Up for sale is this nice Nishiki fixie. Good as new. Only a few scratches. New bar tape and Dura-ace track cog and Continential tires. It's for a bigger person. Nice butted steel frame.
$80. Free delivery if you live in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area.

Size. top tube is 24 inces long. The seat tube is 25 inches tall from the bottom bracket bolt to the seat binder bolt.

Call me 319-415-6302 or email me at

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the winter blues

I don't know about you all but I sure have had enough snow. This is getting a little old. The girls are tired of it. My wife is tired of it. I am tired of it. ENOUGH ALREADY!

The worse part of it all is this weekend was Pam's weekend for call. Of course she went in Saturday night to do an x-ray and won't be home until Monday night. With the bad roads she is not able to be at home since the drive would take her longer than 30 minutes. So, she is spending it at the hospital. AGAIN! That's right. three weeks ago was her call weekend and there was another storm that weekend. Only then she was gone from Friday night thru Sunday evening.

So, if you are reading this Pam, hope to see you soon. We love you and miss you!!!!

Here is a video of the girls burning off some energy in the Captain Bob Garage Velodrome.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

built but now I need better weather.

It didn't take but an hour or so to build up my new sweetie. The Salsa Mamasita. Large this time. I think it's gonna fit better than the medium.I tossed on my favorite tires. The Geax Saguaro's. They are soo fast. Can't wait to get out and play. Oh well. Been dealing with week three of a head cold so I guess it's good to have crappy weather when I am too ill to ride outside in the cold.

Have a Happy Valentines everyone!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Tea Time

and I don't mean golf folks. This is the nice thing about crappy weather. Nothing to do what! How about some puppy chow and milk. We called it a tea party but we didn't really have tea.

Good times......


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This time next week I should have my new Salsa mamasita complete and ready to ride. Just in time for the March bike fits by Clay which will be held at Bike Tech in Cedar Falls Ia. Sounds like Clay will be plenty busy this trip. I hear there will be possibly three to four days of fittings. There might even be a few time slots open so you better call now. Clay fitted me on my TT bike and I must say the difference was huge. I have a road frame converted to a TT bike. I went for about the most aggressive set-up that I could go without messing up the handling. Should just get a full-on TT frame but can't do it now. Besides, Clay has me set-up too well to make any changes.

Everyone in our house has been sick for almost two weeks with either a stomach issue or a bad sinus thing. Kept me off the bike most of the time. No big deal since both of my mountain bikes are in pieces. Should have one back together in time for when I feel better.

I hope you folks don't get the crud. It's a two week cold from what I have been hearing.


Friday, February 01, 2008

it's worth the wait.........

This is a short video that we took just before this past Christmas. It's cute but wait till the end of the video. That's when it gets good.



Not much going on this week. Been pretty busy just running. We went to see the Chipmunks movie this last weekend. Pretty funny. reminded me of these old pics of my little sweeties with grapes in their cheeks.

Love life people. Have a great weekend. Might blog Sunday night but if to you soon.