Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sometimes I feel like the house project we are in the middle of will never end. Just like this road I traveled today on my way home. Felt like it would never end.

I hope the weekend feels the same. I could use a nice one that feels like it will last forever.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my little sweeties.......

Sunday after church we stopped at the Cuna Mutual property since we saw a great photo op. Here is one of my favorites of them together.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend happpenings....

When riding out at the camp PLEASE be aware of that some ridings have been know to dig for grubs inside of downed trees. G-Ted found his lunch while the rest of us lost our lunch.

Had a nice time this weekend. took a break from working on the house. Went to the Janesville fireworks display Friday night. Wow! They were awesome. We were a bit close though and that had me concerned but everything went off without any problems. Here is a pic of the awesome fireball. those always make me think of the song "The Heat is On." Good times. The girls really enjoyed them too.

Made it out to the South Side of Camp Ingawanis Saturday morning with G-Ted and Bidwell. Super Saul met us at the final curve leading up to the south entrance. He missed the Dirty Hundy folks so headed to Janesville to check on his wife who was running in the 5k. Not sure how she did but I will have to find out. Good seeing you Ron and thanks for coming out.

We rolled though the south side for one lap with Saul. The second lap was just G-Ted, Bidwell and myself. Good times as always. Rode three different bikes in all. Most of you probably think we would have looked nuts out there swapping bottles and adjusting saddles. We are nuts, but, we had a heck of a good time. I am testing a bike for 29inches and really love it for the technical stuff. It makes the singletrack feel like a BMX course. Good times......

Sunday I was able to sneak out for my 20 mile loop of gravel around my house and was please with my effort. I haven't been riding a lot of gravel lately so I feel I have lost a bit of that endurance. Tight singletrack doesn't require as much endurance for me.

I am writing this Monday morning while thinking about how much I do not want to go to work while my girls are watching Arthur on PBS. Great cartoon. Wish I could watch them all day......

The leadville crew will be heading out this week so I want to wish them all a safe and happy trip. Have a great time and remember to ride safely in the mountains.


Friday, July 25, 2008

South Side

The south side of the boy scout camp Ingawanis is ready. There are many new trails that just need riding on and they will be perfect. We still need to stop using some of the old trails that lead to water and get some sings up and it will be ready for those folks that get lost easily. Like me. There are some unique sections of trail that I don't ever remember seeing and I think many people will love it. Good stuff. For now though until the bridge is built you will have to sign in at the main gate and then ride over to the south side. Not a far commute though.

Check it out. Don't forget to sign in and pay your $2 or $11 for the year that way you fall under the camps insurance. Well worth the money.

Get out and ride.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

more house progress......

Won't be long and the siding will be complete. Then we will be starting to convert the old garage into living space. I even get a sports room. It will house my rollers and a climber type bike. The old bike barn will be getting a face lift too. It will be sided to match the house.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Busy days of late......

Been busy working on the house a lot lately. Coming along nicely though. I have been getting some good rides in at least. Made it to Cedar Bend a couple of times. Some bridge damage though. Hopefully they can fit it. Made it to the South side of the Camp a few times too. That trail is really developing into something sweet again. Casey and Cuz have been cutting some tree out for the final touches. Many others have been helping too. Thanks!!

Look closely at the first picture. Between the frame tubes in the grass there is a duck. Never left this spot the whole time I was there. Wonder if he is doing ok?


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Lately life has been so busy. Mostly due to my own doing. I like to calm down by riding my bike....something much simpler. Like this single speed mountain bike. Nothing to think about but pedaling. No options to shift. Not much chance for a mechanical. Just me and my legs going round and round. Some days I could almost fall asleep riding because for me, it's the most relaxing thing to do.

Whether you have gears or not, get out and ride. Enjoy the simplicity of just riding you bike. If you don't worry about getting in a certain amount of miles but rather just enjoying the miles you do ride........for me, it's much more fulfilling.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Kitty's are doing well.

We only have three left but they are doing well. Eyes are starting to open a little. Shouldn't be long before they are out playing around. That will be fun for the girls.


House progress....

Here are a few more pics of the project. Coming along nicely now but the bad news is I have to redo the roof on the entire house. Good news here is the new color looks amazing!

Been busy digging this weekend and I will post pics of that digging project soon.

Hope you are all having a great 4th time.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Gotta love this weather.........

Made it out for a couple of rides this week. Saturday was a trip from my place to West Union. Nice trip and only got a little wet.

Made it out for a little ride around Sweets Marsh Tuesday night. It's nice to see the water levels down again. I was not the only one out enjoying nature. Some folks from Denver Iowa were out in their kayaks. We chatted for a bit and went our separate ways. I need a kayak cause canoing on my own is no fun.

Have a safe and happy 4th everyone.