Tuesday, March 31, 2009

when will the busy end.........

Last weekend Pam was able to get away for the weekend for some girl time. Her and her cousins, aunt and mother headed down to Iowa City for the weekend. they bargain shopped till they dropped. So, that left Mr. Mom in charge for three whole days. The girls and I didn't do anything crazy. Just had a good time hanging out. I was able to step out for a two hour ride on Saturday while the girls were off to swim lessons. A friend who takes their child offered to take mine for me. Cool! So I headed over to Sweets Marsh. The trails are finally drying up and it was a nice time. Had mix of gravel, pavement and double track.

I am hoping to get out Wed night with Cuz and Craig. We'll see what the weather does. Should be a good time though. We will all three be on single speed 29ers.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Macro Monday

Not always a Macro Monday to guess at but still sort of cool. Gotta love the light cast from a setting sun.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So busy at work these days.......

You guys ever get so busy at work that you almost hate looking at the computer at home? I am there this week. Well, actually I was there last week too. Hopefully next will bring me a break from my workload at the office and my blog will reflect it. I can't wait for some unique and inspiring thoughts to spill out of me. Bare with me this week on the boring posts. I am out of town on Thursday and may not have time for a Photoshop Friday but I will try. Might not be home until really late Thursday night.

Ok, enough of my crying about how busy I am and get back to complaining about the weather! Ha!

If you know anyone interested in a cheap single speed mountain bike have them get a hold of me. It will be ugly but in good working order. Size will be for about a 6 foot tall person. Should have it complete in about a week.


busy weekend..........

It was a pretty busy weekend. We had a visit from my mom and stepdad on Friday night. Spent some time at Veno's pizza place in Tripoli. It was a nice time. Some of the best pizza in Iowa too.

Saturday, my dad came home from WI to celebrate his 59 birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! It's was nice to spend some time with you.

Sunday, we headed over to West Union to visit the in-laws. They just returned from a two week vacation so it was nice to have them home. The girls were happy to have them home , especially for the cartoon network and the Disney channel. We don't have cable at home. Also, while in West Union, we decided to have Madee hone her downhilling skills. As you can see her first attempt was not quite as good as her second.

I think the girls had grandparent overload and are still recovering. :-)

In other family news: Happy Birthday Cuz! Hope you had a nice weekend. Wish I could have hung out with ya.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photoshop Friday

It's during rides like this when I really wish I had my new Salsa Selma 29er. The wheels on the bike I was riding are small little 26ers. I know you are wondering where I found such a big elephant. Where do you think? At the Zoo where they house all of the really big elephants. Toss in a handful of peanuts and you get a free ride. The soft skin felt like our soggy Iowa trails.

Have a happy Friday folks.



I finally sold my last 29er frame yesterday. The Zion is gone. I tried many times to make it fit me but no luck. It is now gone and I have the Selma 100% paid for. What a relief. Now I just need the frame. :-)

I am still a little unsure on the parts that will grace the Selma. Most of the parts I have but I still need to decide on the handlebar. Carbon or Aluminum? Salsa Carbon flat bar or Salsa Pro Moto flat bar?

Here is something cool that I will be getting for sure. Click Here!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Monday morning I had to drop the car off at the wheel alignment place in Waterloo before work. Since I didn't have another ride to work from the shop I decided to toss in the bike. It's been years since I was able to ride my bike to work. My schedule of dropping off and picking up kids doesn't allow 2 hr commute one way. With the shop only being three or so miles from my work what better chance would I have? It was a beautiful morning. I followed part of the Cedar River Trail over by Mid American energy and was able to see the sun rise. The morning sun was casting a nice reflection on the river. It was nice time to clear my head before starting the day. I can see how commuting has it's rewards but I would be hard pressed to give up the car, even if I lived in town.

We also had our first Camp meeting of the Spring season. Lots of laughs and quite a bit of items on the agenda were covered. I will pass along more updates on the topics later in the week if I remember. All in all though it is always fun to get together with the other members of the board. Talking about bikes and events that include the use of bikes will most always be a great time. Paul M is missing from the below photo as he showed up just minutes later. Even if he were there when the photo was taken I still would have clipped him out due to my narrow lens. :-)

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Macro Monday

Weekend wrap-up

It was a busy eventful weekend. The kids and myself were suppose to take a quick trip up to Wi to see G'pa but he had to work Saturday at the last minute. Pam was on call all weekend so she wasn't able to go but since we couldn't either it was nice to not have to leave her behind. So, I played in the garage and the girls played outside., all day! It was great. I even had a visitor named Guitar Ted. He stopped over with his little lady (daughter) and while Ted and I talked bikes all afternoon the girls played. Actually, they dug in the sandbox, pea gravel, mud and more mud. Those girls had a great time. Thanks for coming over Ted, it's always nice to have you over, anytime!

I did get a ride in on Saturday but it was just a quick 20 mile sprint. I felt really good. Wrist is getting stronger and legs felt good.

I rode with my oldest daughter on Sunday afternoon. While I pulled the youngest girl in the Burley Madee rode on her own bike. We went to the paved road and back which is a rather hilly mile stretch. She was so proud that she rode a 2 mile TT. It was a good time. While she was riding along she was also watching for animal tracks. We spotted a few deer tracks and stopped to take a closer look. It was a nice time had by all.

I wished for more riding this weekend but I will take good times with friends and family ove riding anytime.


Friday, March 13, 2009

No Photoshop Friday today...........

Ok, last night I was working frantically on todays post. After about an hour I was putting the final touches on the finished product in Photoshop and......you guessed it, locked up on me!! You're freakin kidding me! I was mad enough to not want to start fresh so nothing for today.

However, I will not leave you empty handed. My youngest daughter Ella always comes to the rescue. The other night Pam asked me if I was messing around with her Sudoku puzzle. Not me. Then we went in for a closer look and realized that someone had been counting the numbers. You can see a couple of the numbers make sense but the majority of them are just numbers in order. Those would be the ones Ella added. Pretty funny. It's so neat to see our 4 yr old writing so well and getting the counting thing down pretty well too. Oh my, how they grow so fast.

Happy Friday folks!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Way too cold!

Well, I did make it out for a nice ride Wed night. I decided to head straight into the wind on my way out. I did and man was it cold. Thankfully, the sun was beating on my face. That helped offset the cold a bit. I headed out west. Then, North. I think the wind was worse from the North. It was brutal especially given my fitness level sucks right now. It was not fun. Once, I started East for home I felt pretty good. Actually, it felt a little too fast at times. Weird how you forget what speed feels like after missing it during the winter. The ride back East and then South and then East again went by pretty fast and would have been faster if my calves didn't cramp up. All in all it was a good ride. Stayed pretty warm with just a base long sleeve t-shirt, Salsa Wool long sleeve jersey and a windbreaker. Oh, and two pairs of tights.

Stay warm folks. The heat will be here soon.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing new here..........

Here is you answer to this weeks Macro Monday: Rabbit turd laying on a patch of moss covered by a light dusting of snow. Who would have thought there would be so much variety and texture in a rabbit turd? Not me. I always assumed that since they looked like a Coco Puff that they would look the same close up. Wonder what next Mondays will be?

Word on the street is that the Selma will be here around 4-1-09. I have also heard that some frames could show up sooner and some later. Hmm....wonder which batch mine will be in? Hopefully, the sooner. I had a stem and seatpost over at the anodizer man for some custom color but for some reason he botched the job. So, we have to polish the parts in hopes to salvage the parts for a different bike. They most likley will never look as good as when they were new. That Stinks! So, I am on the hunt for some paint to lay on a part that will make my Selma unique. I hope that plan works out because if it does I think this direction will be even cooler than the ano job.

In other bike news I have decided to build back up the Zion. I rides comfortably and it's paid for. So, why not ride it since nobody wants to buy it. I was riding a Trek cross bike that holds a 45mm tire but that doesn't quite cut it for mountain biking. The frame and fork were not built for extreme riding. So, back on the Zion until the Selm comes in. It will be geared but I will also be riding my Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er single speed. This is the rig I tested though TwentyNineInches.com. Here is a pic of the Zion. I have to add my 3rd bottle cage and front der cable and she's ready.

Have a great Wednesday. I'm riding outside tonight after work. The wind is your mountain, right Jeff!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's on your radar?

I need to start racing soon. I am hoping to hit two races in April and they will be on the mountain bike. So, what's on your radar for April? Is there any races south of Iowa or anywhere that might be even dryer? If so, please let me know. I am really needing some dirt.

There are two races ion Iowa but there has to be more options. IMBCS


Monday, March 09, 2009

Friday, March 06, 2009

Photoshop Friday......or not?

Finally! I am pleased to announce Selma! She is my new Salsa Selma single speed racing machine. All 29er baby! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a prototype frame. I can't say how I got it or who gave it to me. That's top secret. What I can say is that I have it built up and ready to ride. However, there are parts that will be swapped out soon. First part to go is the fork, doesn't match too well. I have the another one on a different bike right now but not for long. And no, I haven't weighed the bike yet so don't ask. I was at the shop yesterday getting a pro fit so I will be very comfortable spending long hours in the saddle.

Sorry for the crappy picture. It was taken with my cell phone. I will have much better pictures up on the blog soon.

Thank you "friend" for the frame.! Hope to see you on the trails soon.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank you Salsa!

Well, most of you know that I am still recovering from the broken arm. My friends over at Salsa Cycles know this too. They were kind enough to send me a little care package. Inside this care package was quite a treat for me. First off, thanks to Jason Boucher for getting all the Salsa employees to pay for this Wool Jersey though payroll deduct. They each donated a little bit of their hard earned cash. Thanks! It means a lot. :-) Second, is a gift from Salsa Marketing Director Mike Riemer.
Let's start with the jersey. It is a mighty fine wool jersey. Best I have ever worn and I am not just saying this. The fit is very accurate. I especially like the length. NOT TOO LONG. The material has a silky feel to it. Not itchy at all. Gotta love that. I wore it on three rides so far and only had to wear a windbreaker over it. Stayed dry and warm which is not usually the case for me with a poly blend jersey.

The gift from Mike is a bit different. Mike is a pretty extreme mountain biker. He races the Arrowhead Ultra which is something I would never do. Crazy people do this race. He had a little leftover food from this years event and thought it might help in my recover. Well, it did help with my spirits but not my nutrition. I didn't eat any of it. The contents include: partial Poptart, Reece's peanut butter cup, 1/2 beef stick (which looks like a pinkie finger and is not Mike's. I guess they counted all 10) and a couple Advil. You can read the writing by clicking on the picture. Funny stuff.

This was a pretty generous gift from some great people. I have been fortunate enough to meet these guys on a few occasions and was even lucky enough to ride with them and share a riverfront breakfast. Thanks Salsa! I really appreciate this!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pulling the plug......

Well, I had to pull the plug on the CIRREM. Sore arm, weak body and now the flu. Came home early Tuesday and going in late today. It disappoints me a little but I know there will be other races this year. After all, this wasn't even on my radar until I heard about it. My plans are still focused around mountain bike races, but this race would have been good training. I would hate to get though half of the CIRREM and find myself not able to finish. Then, I would have to find a way back to the start.

Oh well, maybe next year.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday tidbits

So, no guesses on Macro Monday except for Gnat. Well, there are four things in the photo.

1. Half eaten beef stick.
2. Half eaten strawberry Poptart.
3. Advil.
4. Peanut butter cup.

More on that story tomorrow. It's pretty cool but I don't have enough time this morning to type it up.
Here is a picture of the wall at my desk. I like keeping happy things up at my work. Madelyn, my 8 yr old wrote me this letter. Click the image to make it big. Pretty cute. She made me the heart too. Ella, my 4 yr old made me the other picture. It's a flag in case you couldn't tell. Gotta love their efforts. It's so nice to know they love me.

Made it out for a ride Monday after work. Got in around 20 miles. Still wrist pain but not quite as bad as the weekend. Night off tonight so we'll see what Wed brings. Legs felt better too so that's good. I was rolling back through Tripoli and saw this opened car trunk and wouldn't you know it, they guy had a Salsa Selma frame just laying there. I ran back home to get my car and when I made it back to town the Selma was gone. I should have snagged it when I had the chance. Hmm, oh well.

Have a great Tuesday.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Macro Monday

There is much more to this weeks Macro Monday than you know. I will let you all guess for a while at what you are seeing. Stay tuned later in the week for an in depth blog that is pretty cool. I think you will enjoy what I have to say. But, enough for now, start guessing.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

ups and downs.....

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was filled with an up and a down. I was lucky enough to only have to wear the cast for three weeks. However, I was surprised at how weak my entire arm is. The wrist is the main issue now. I went out for a quick single speed ride on Saturday. Well, let's just say I should have stayed home. I was cold, sore, cold, weak and sore. And old. I couldn't put out any effort to speak of without blowing up within seconds. We're not talking sprints either. I couldn't even muster up the energy to keep a 20mph pace for more than 1/2 mile. I headed home after 9 miles. I was cooked. Really down too.

Then, Sunday after church my loving wife was suppose to be out of town but her plans changed due to a pinched nerve in her shoulder. She said I should get on my gear after lunch and head out for another ride. Really? Why? She was feeling pretty rough and decided to sleep for a while with the kids. So, I decided to head out even though I really should have been home taking care of her. This time on a cross bike I sort of built with extra parts I had laying around. At least I have a few bail out gears today. Turns out I was in store for a nice day on the bike. I was going to head over to Sumner and back which would make a 30 mile loop but decided to stick with the 20 mile loop. I felt much better. Not as cold either. So, back in the saddle was good to me on Sunday. Wait, I guess not all good. I was bombing along pretty quickly and came across a washboard section in the middle of the gravel road and then it happened. I didn't time a little wheelie just right and jarred my wrist when the wheel came down harder than I had planned. Popped my hand right off the hood. Nothing crazy happened. I didn't wreck or even steer off course but it reminded me of how weak this limb still is. It still hurts me right now as I type this blog and it's 10:45pm.

It worries me a lot when I think ahead to next Sunday and the CIRREM. Right now, I would have to say that I shouldn't race it. I am not bailing out yet but the thought is sticking with me. I guess I hate to put my family in a state of worry. I really don't want to have a LONG drive at an EARLY time and get in the middle of the race and then have to bail and pedal back due to a wrist that I already know could be an issue. This sort of thing could really put a damper on my spring mountain bike racing if I were to really hurt it. I know that racing a rigid single speed mountain bike will takes it toll on me this year but I want to at least start fresh.

Oh well, enough over thinking this for today. I am headed to bed. Oh, and I am not proof reading this so if it stinks, oh well. Sorry in advance.