Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wed night ride

and what a ride it was. Started off behind Bike Tech with the five of us. Jeremy Fry, Mike Johnson, John Adamson, Jeremy Fry and myself. That's right, my fat but on a 30 pound bike with those super fast dudes on lightweight cross racing machines. My plan was to hang on as long as I could. That worked okay until about 1/2 way to Parkersburg. Then, it was Jeremy off the front and Mike, John and Robert bridging the gap. I don't think they were actually trying to catch him though. I endeed up about one mile back when I thought I saw them head north. I was wrong. I crept along on the blacktop for a mile and then went south again a mile. I then headed west, again since I saw some bike tracks on the side of the gravel road. I think they were leaving me a trail on purpose. Thanks!

I started cramping in the inside of my calves anytime I started spinning the pedals at a higher cadence. Pushing a harder gear helped but I was already out of energy by that point. I started drinking the rest of my water since I knew P'burg was near hoping to get rid of the cramps. A quick stop for more water and I was back on my way home. I think I took the same route home but cannot be sure since it was getting pretty dark. About 1/2 way home I started feeling a little stonger again, but, that when the road grater started messing with me. What was blacktop smooth gravel roads quickly turned back into the rough stuff. In the dark it's much harder to find a good line and my little led flashlight had great power but the beam was just too narrow to help in that regards.

All in all it was a great ride. It hurt! I was what I needed to get a reality check that I need group rides if I want to get into shape. Just chugging along at my own pace is never going to be good in a race environment or a group ride.

Thanks for the good workout guys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

another week gone........

Sorry, No pictures today. Internet connection not so good for some reason.

I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. Along with that snow thank goodness! Our snow here was gone by noon on Saturday. In fact, the yard is already as dry as it was before the snow.

Hope you all had a good week and weekend. We did but like I said it was busy. Made it out for a ride midweek only to break a pedal 5 miles out. I had to soft pedal back to the truck. The bearings must be shot cause the spindle area was really loose. Thankfully, it stayed in tact so I didn't have to walk. I guess it's time for new pedals. Probably sticking with SPD's for now. Won't be going the egg beater route for sure. I have broken those before and don't feel like messing with it again.

Took out the trusty Fargo on Sunday afternoon. I can feel my fitness getting better each ride. One of the biggest hills near my place felt flat to me. The hills over by the scout camp near waverly are giving me very good training. I might need to head over to New Hartford soon. Now those are good hills. Probably the biggest hills this close to us. I know there are much bigger and longer hills in Iowa but I don't want to travel too far.

So, hope you have a great Monday, I know I will.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday blues? Not here!

Monday was a great day for me. A few things took place that for some reason I have been dreading. However, the sense of urgency has now turned into inspiration. It's regarding the Scout Camp and the upcoming race on May 8-9th. We have a lot of work to do but in time it will get done and we will have a great race. It's still wet but the drying seems to be coming quickly. More on this in the near future.

I was able to sneak out for a couple of hours last night for a spin on the Salsa Selma. I think I have her pretty well dialed in but the bars might be a tad low for xc but we'll see. For now I am leaving them.

It was a good tough ride but something I needed badly. Gearing was 34x16 which was tough on the gravel road climbs but what my legs need to get some strength. I felt pretty good and got in 30 miles. I did some sight seeing also checking out the water levels of the Cedar River in Waverly. It's pretty high over there but nothing like in recent years.

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, March 15, 2010

great weekend

A great weekend here at the Walters. Not much biking going on but we did play outside almost all weekend. Especially on Sunday after ss and church. Even made it to the park. Can you believe I didn't take one picture. What's wrong with me?

I also completed the sale on the Teesdale. A cool couple of guys made the trip down from Rochester and hung out in "my shop" for a couple hours. It was really great just hanging out and chatting about bikes and riding. Anyways, the Teesdale is now gone and I am a bit sad to see if go but, it's good to be able to focus on the bikes I have and making them just right. I realized over the weekend that all but one set of pedals are shot. So, now I need to decide if I am going to stay with SPD or head over the the Egg Beater, Time, Look of Speedplay camps. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Right now I am thinking about just staying with SPD.

Wheels! I need a nice 29er geared tubeless wheelset. It's mostly for the Fargo but I will be needing them for the Chequamegon 100 too. That should be the Selma build but things might change. Regardless, I will be running gears for this race.

Going for a ride tonight after work so wish me good weather and a great ride.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

almost got it right

I was running some errands after work Wed and swung into Scheels All Sport and headed straight to the clearance racks in their bike dept. Nothing I couldn't live without but I did stumble upon their bmx dept. They have a VERY cool display that is surrounded by chain link fence. It's open so you can walk in but I found it fitting for the typical age group that rides bmx bikes. It had a city park feel to it with bikes leaning up against the fence. Even a few "nice" rigs zip tied to the fence itself for stability.

I almost started thinking that these guys FINALLY have the "real" bike business figured out. That is until I saw the tag on this little SE Racing Ripper X. Or should I say "Fuji." I had to take a picture. I didn't think twice about the decision I made to not tell any of the staff. They need to figure this crap out for themselves.

After that, there was and elderly man who looked like he was really ready to buy a bike. I listened a little while one of the clerks explained the single speed Trek Lime to the man. The man kept asking why the front hub was so different and what the big plastic box was under the bottom bracket area. The clerk kept telling the man that the hub was a fashion feature and the black box was for the speedometer (which is didn't have). Then, the phone rang and the clerk never returned. 5 minutes later I went over to the man and explained that the bike was a 3 speed electronic shifting bike with internal gears and a coaster brake. I went over with him how it all worked. Then, I suggested a couple other shops in town that I call "real bike shops."

I call that my good deed for the day.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teesdale gone?

Maybe after this weekend. I have a fella from up north that is pretty interested in the Teesdale. I REALLY hate to see it go but it's time to finish up other bikes and get some nice wheels for the Fargo. They will be the same wheels I use on the Selma set up 1x9 and raced in the Chequamegon 100. I have finished building up the Soul Cycles Dillinger again too. I call it my single speed rigid freeride bike. It handles and rides like one. Laid back and will go over anything easily.

Have a great day folks and ride your bike if you can. Me, I might have to skip my Wed night ride due to rain. We'll see though. Maybe I can get in a little ride.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

leave work early? good idea!

Headed out of work early today. Lately my rides have not been so fun. Sort of the feeling that I ride and hope I make it home. Always feeling like I am bonking a long ways from home. Not encouraging either. But, Wed was different. I was riding the gravel roads over by the scout camp and I seemed to be getting some strength and snap back into my legs. I felt REALLY good for the first time in about two months. Maybe it's the weather or just that hump I have passed over. Regardless, I felt good and was able to get in right about 42 miles. That's the most I have ridden all winter so I am pleased with that.

I just have one crappy picture from my Blackberry. Left the camera at home on purpose.

Almost forgot to mention the BEST part of the ride........NO WRIST PAIN!


Monday, March 01, 2010

Fargo is my friend again........

With the new Carver My Ti bar installed I was itching for a good ride. Saturday was the day. Thankfully I was able to get in about two hours of riding and another 1 1/2 hours on Sunday. All in all it was a great weekend of riding for me. I have a couple of tweaks left with the bar stem set up and then we should be golden. Here's a few pics.

Check out the deer pic. No hind legs. I don't think someone cut them off, they would have taken the thigh part too. Weird huh?