Sunday, April 01, 2007

Salsa Mamasita shaping up.

Just about complete. I installd the rear brake cable after these pics. For now, I will be running this drivtrain. Not sure what gearing will be the ultimate but time will tell. I have a 34t up from and I can't remember what is on the rear. I may jump up to a 36t up front but not yet. I have a Surly front chainring on order that will last a long time. It's stainless steel. Also, next week the new bars & stem should be here. I had a chance to ride it around the yard a little yesterday and I must say, "The Mama is light." Not superlight but that is due to the componets. not the frame. I am guessing 22-23 lbs.

A big thanks to the Ergon folks for the grips. I think I am going to like these.

So far I can say that I really love it.