Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cedar Bend mtb ride.

Quite possibly the only real trails that can be ridden in this area without getting muddy. There were only a couple tacky spots but the rest of these trails were dry. Amazing traction was had with these Geax tires I am trying out. I have only found one thing so far that my Salsa Mamasita 29er cannot do. It's the teeter totter picture. I didn't realize that when I bought it I would not be able to teeter totter with her. Got in about an hour of mtb'ing tonight. You would be amazed at how nice the trails are at Cedar Bend. There are stairs, steep stairs, and all of the stair climbs have a singletrack beside them for biking. There are more bridges than Madison County. All of the trails that grow grass are mowed consistantly. Just a perfect place to ride anytime. But, when everything else is wet, Cedar Bend is not. I remember Bidwell riding here last summer and in the morning there were downpours but in the afternoon the trails were rideable again. Pretty cool.
Jeff Slade.....you need to have an event here!!!!



All3Sports said...

Hummmmmm maybe that can be one of the stops on the CVA championship trail running series.

Aww crap, did I just leak my plans for 2008?

B I D W E L L said...

That place would be great for any event! I am itchin' to get out there again soon.

Guitar Ted said...

Wow! I'm sorry I missed out on that ride now. I'll have to hit that up for sure one of these next days!

You like the Geax's? Good!

The Speshy's aren't too bad either!

I guess you could say we're tire swappers. Ha ha!

Captain Bob said...

You did miss out Mark. Was a good time.

Tire swappers......Not quite a catchy as the Wife Swap show name...... :-)