Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Burn fun!

Not a large turn out for the Turkey Burn but it was a nice time. I was probably the biggest hold up. Had some seatpost height issues. Should have worked all of those bugs out before today but oh well. I had move the Salsa seatpost to the new Raleigh 29er single speed and put the Thompson back on the Salsa Mamasita. I will be ordering up a new Salsa Shaft seatpost for the Mamasita. It's a much better post than the Thompson in my mind. It's not the lightest post out there but it sure is strong and the ease of adjustability makes it really standout.

Was nice to see Casey, Cuz, Paul and G-Ted today. It was nice riding with you guys. As always. Thanks! Was nice to see Rob H at the end of my ride. He and one of his children were gearing up for some trail maintenance. Wish I could have helped out but my little angels were at a friends house being watched and I am sure if I was gone any longer the fee would have been steep.

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day. I sure did. My dad was in town and it's always nice to see him.

Take care.

Captain Bob.


Guitar Ted said...

Great riding with you too. I don't think you were a hold up, it was me! Getting lost, huffing and puffing, you know, like the slow fat kid that I am! ;)

Still we had a great ride, so thanks for coming out!

B I D W E L L said...

Yeah- thanks for coming cuz- great time- thanks for taking pics- Forgot my camera.... Nice to hit the trails again with everyone!!

Captain Bob said...

It was a good day....