Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting colder

Wow is it getting colder. I am not ready for the white stuff yet. Too many miles of singletrack to be ridden yet this year. Too many miles of gravel left as well. Lately I have only been getting only a few rides per week. Good mountain biking at the camp on Saturdays and then a couple nights of gravel riding after dark.

Sure is paying off though. A while back I entered into a Biggest Loser competition at my work and after 12 weeks I came out as the winner, or should I say loser. I started the competition at 222lbs and weighed in yesterday at 191.6lbs. That's a 30.4lbs weight loss which results in a percentage of 13.69 of my entire body weight. I still feel like a tank though. Weird. My goal is to lose another 20-25lbs before the first Wednesday night Time Trials. I should be able to fly through the 10 miles. I am doing it the right way too, I think. For eating, I have been practicing portion control. It's amazing how fast I fill up, and stay filled up, if I eat less and slower. I usually still feel hungry right away after I eat but that goes away rather quickly and then I just feel comfortable. I guess eating never had to include pain. Pain because I usually eat till I cannot move. Unless I get a potato chip wedged between my bottom teeth and the roof of my mouth. Man, that hurts. If you struggle with this issue please give it an honest effort to eat less, slower, better and for sure exercise. Walk, ride your bike, use a treadmill or whatever. Just move and do something. Heck, you could even go line dancing. Ha! Those bar hopping and line dancing days are long gone for me. That was back in the day when I was labeled as "The Captain!" Long story and I am not sure I want those stories on the web. However, you could dance with the kids if you have any. Or walk the dog. Then, you can both lose weight. (not the kids i hope, just the dog)

I have to thank my wife and kids for giving me the extra time and support in this little event which has hopefully made enough of an impact in my life to continue on a daily basis to keep losing the weight and still stay healthy as a whole. I also need to give a thanks to Michelle. She was the person who lost .76% less than me but sure pushed me to the end. I really didn't want 2nd place. There was this money thing too. By the end of the competition the total amount of money to be won was $107.50. We knew it would be close between 1st and 2nd so Michelle and I decided to split the cash before we knew who won. It was funny. Both of us thought each other won. I guess we are just a couple of losers. For that matter all of us that competed were losers. Congrats Michelle! You are looking good my friend.

Captain Bob.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Burn fun!

Not a large turn out for the Turkey Burn but it was a nice time. I was probably the biggest hold up. Had some seatpost height issues. Should have worked all of those bugs out before today but oh well. I had move the Salsa seatpost to the new Raleigh 29er single speed and put the Thompson back on the Salsa Mamasita. I will be ordering up a new Salsa Shaft seatpost for the Mamasita. It's a much better post than the Thompson in my mind. It's not the lightest post out there but it sure is strong and the ease of adjustability makes it really standout.

Was nice to see Casey, Cuz, Paul and G-Ted today. It was nice riding with you guys. As always. Thanks! Was nice to see Rob H at the end of my ride. He and one of his children were gearing up for some trail maintenance. Wish I could have helped out but my little angels were at a friends house being watched and I am sure if I was gone any longer the fee would have been steep.

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day. I sure did. My dad was in town and it's always nice to see him.

Take care.

Captain Bob.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Man, time flies when you're having fun.

Been really busy lately with lots of things. In spite of all the goings on I have still been able to ride. My oldest daughter turned 7 last week. We are starting a new project on the house. Riding a new bike. Getting ready for the holidays and still taking family and senior portraits. It is that family portrait time of year. Gotta squeeze them in to be able to get the greeting cars out in the mail.

So, enough of the talk and lets check out the pics. They are posted above if you didn't already catch that.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What's this? 29ers take to the air?

Sure was fun watching G-Ted riding that Helli out at the the camp Sat. Never would have thought they would come looking for him though. Get under the tree farther G-Ted.

They're gonna shoot you!