Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This time next week I should have my new Salsa mamasita complete and ready to ride. Just in time for the March bike fits by Clay which will be held at Bike Tech in Cedar Falls Ia. Sounds like Clay will be plenty busy this trip. I hear there will be possibly three to four days of fittings. There might even be a few time slots open so you better call now. Clay fitted me on my TT bike and I must say the difference was huge. I have a road frame converted to a TT bike. I went for about the most aggressive set-up that I could go without messing up the handling. Should just get a full-on TT frame but can't do it now. Besides, Clay has me set-up too well to make any changes.

Everyone in our house has been sick for almost two weeks with either a stomach issue or a bad sinus thing. Kept me off the bike most of the time. No big deal since both of my mountain bikes are in pieces. Should have one back together in time for when I feel better.

I hope you folks don't get the crud. It's a two week cold from what I have been hearing.



bluecolnago said...

don't ya just love the winter we're having? watch out for flying folding chairs!

Guitar Ted said...

But it's okay to throw a chair or choke yer own kid ifn' ya graduate a bunch of kids and bring home the bacon, ya know? ;>)

Anyway, can't wait to see how the larger Mama comes out and more importantly, what you think of it.

Ready for spring.....so ready!

bluecolnago said...

good seeing you today! holy crap.... you look scary fit, and it's only the 8th of february!

bengen was trippin' all afternoon! ha!

Captain Bob said...

I am not as fit as I look. But thanks.

Bengan was an ANIMAL back in the day. We even played kill the man with the ball after days of rain. He took off with the ball and must have ran away from us muddy jv football players for at least 20 minutes and it was the whole team against him. None of us could catch him.

The mama is much bigger feeling. can't wait to ride it.