Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend happpenings....

When riding out at the camp PLEASE be aware of that some ridings have been know to dig for grubs inside of downed trees. G-Ted found his lunch while the rest of us lost our lunch.

Had a nice time this weekend. took a break from working on the house. Went to the Janesville fireworks display Friday night. Wow! They were awesome. We were a bit close though and that had me concerned but everything went off without any problems. Here is a pic of the awesome fireball. those always make me think of the song "The Heat is On." Good times. The girls really enjoyed them too.

Made it out to the South Side of Camp Ingawanis Saturday morning with G-Ted and Bidwell. Super Saul met us at the final curve leading up to the south entrance. He missed the Dirty Hundy folks so headed to Janesville to check on his wife who was running in the 5k. Not sure how she did but I will have to find out. Good seeing you Ron and thanks for coming out.

We rolled though the south side for one lap with Saul. The second lap was just G-Ted, Bidwell and myself. Good times as always. Rode three different bikes in all. Most of you probably think we would have looked nuts out there swapping bottles and adjusting saddles. We are nuts, but, we had a heck of a good time. I am testing a bike for 29inches and really love it for the technical stuff. It makes the singletrack feel like a BMX course. Good times......

Sunday I was able to sneak out for my 20 mile loop of gravel around my house and was please with my effort. I haven't been riding a lot of gravel lately so I feel I have lost a bit of that endurance. Tight singletrack doesn't require as much endurance for me.

I am writing this Monday morning while thinking about how much I do not want to go to work while my girls are watching Arthur on PBS. Great cartoon. Wish I could watch them all day......

The leadville crew will be heading out this week so I want to wish them all a safe and happy trip. Have a great time and remember to ride safely in the mountains.



john said...

Rob - Sounds like a good time at the Camp - how is the connecting bridge coming?
Thanks for the encouragement with Leadville - I think I'm going to ride like a wild man - and be happy after it is over. But, you are right - it is a long hard race and anything can happen.

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks for showing me around the south side. We'll have to do that some more!