Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ever have shin burger?

Ever have shin burger? I have and I don't much like it. I spent a little time at the Dirt N the House tonight. I took the Haro out for a spin and she bit me. Guess I need to consider going clipless. If you haven't ever been to the House you need to check it out. It's twice as long this year and loads of fun. You don't even have to leave to ground. After sprinting around once you'll be feeling the burn man!

Better get going now......I need to get my leg cleaned up. Ouch!!

Captain Bob


MTBidwell said...

It's my favorite! I sooo want to take Ethan and myself there- When are we going?

Bike Tech Racing said...

Yeah, let me know when you are going.
I love to watch that racing.

Captain Bob said...

Maybe next Thursday. I will need to buy a license if I want to keep going though.