Sunday, November 12, 2006

I sure missed out.

I could have been riding the Salsa El Maricahi on Saturday but instead I went shopping out of town with my girls. Still had a nice time though.
Please excuse my shabby 5 minute photoshop work on this.

Peace out.
Captain Bob


MTBidwell said...

Nice stump!

Captain Bob said...

That is what Pam said the night we met.

bluecolnago said...

nice pic!

nice stump? say it isn't so!

peace out, yo!

Guitar Ted said...

Hey man, you made the wheels too small!

Just kidding!

Hope you had fun on the raleigh.

Captain Bob said...

I made the whole bike too small. It came from Salsa's website.

I did have fun on the Raleigh. Very good time. I hate to ride them small wheels again this saturday am at the camp but I may do it anyway.