Saturday, December 02, 2006

Project Cannondale TT


The project has officially begun. Blasted her down to the bare metal today. Picked up some custom decals that are black and reflect light. Sweet! I have decided on a color but am keeping that a secret for now. More on that soon.

Anyone need a fixie? Scroll down. Price reduced. Now $199. ***That includes delivery.

***delivery is when you drive to my house and put a leg over the fixie and ride her home yourself.

That's all for now folks.

Captain Bob


bluecolnago said...

you decided on pink?


peace out, yo!

MTBidwell said...

That sure is a purty bike! I can't wait to see the finised product! Good choice on color!!!!

Captain Bob said...

sorry. still not pink. should have the paint this week & i'll post the color then.

I did find the perfect sticker for her though. i'll post a pic of that later tonight.