Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Been treadmillin the last few days. About 2-3 miles. Mostly working on getting limber again. Been years since I ran. I am mostly walking really fast and then jogging for a bit. Then, I sprint for as long as I can. Did 10 mph for 45 seconds two nights ago. Last night I ran at 8mph for one minute. Felt pretty good too. I have been focusing on taking in really deep breaths which I think will help me with cycling. Taking a break tonight. Will ride rollers tommorrow night in the garage. Most likely be riding the fixie (which is still for sale).

Scroll down. The fixie price has been reduced again. $198.99

Get out and ride your bike or do something active.


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MTBidwell said...

I too will be treadmilling here sometime when I get around to it, sometime. You'll be doin tri's and Du's before ya know it!