Monday, January 08, 2007

one step closer......

The clip-on aero bars came today. They sure do look pretty. Oh yeah, the shifters are on now too.

Three more "super" surprises for Blue Colnago coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.



MTBidwell said...

That is awesome- too bad you gotta put tape on 'em. Now quit messin with your bike and wash that dirty van! ;)

Captain Bob said...

Not my van man! I do need to wash my car though.

Only a small amount of tape on those bars thankfully.

The brake levers came today but the are too big for the holes. Now what?

bluecolnago said...

those bars are sweet! we'll have to swap bikes sometime this summer on 27th street.... i wanna ride that baby!

staying tuned!

peace out, yo!

Captain Bob said...

You bet. Anytime Blue.

All3Sports said...

Dirty Dirtram will need to fit you on that bike. He make you super fast!

Captain Bob said... good to hear from you.

Yes. I will need a good fitting real soon.

I need to save some cash for that.

Bike Tech Racing said...

What do you think? 100k on that beauty?

Captain Bob said...

100k. Bring it on man!

Bike Tech Racing said...

Rob - I think you are going to see some other hoser on my old X/touring bike. Nice to keep it together and in the area. You ought to see this new machine. Now, if I could just move the Bontrager.