Monday, May 14, 2007

No. I have not forgotten how to post.

I don't know why I haven't posted lately. I am going to blame it on the way blogger was making me login. I always had to do it twice. That, and I have been really busy.

A few things.......

I got a pr last Wed night at the time trials. 26.16 (or 26.19) can't remember for sure. That was exciting.

Helped out G-Ted with Trans IA finish line work. What an experience! Good times.

Have around 100 miles on the Salsa Mamasita.......finally!!! Loving it! Those miles should rack up pretty quick now that summer is here........along with the crappy wind. Rode tonight about 12 miles. Really tough pulling the Burley trailer with 70lbs of 3-6 years old little girls. It felt like I was pulling a mini-van into the wind.

Built up a single speed cross bike & have been testing some gear that G-Ted has thrown my way. I'll be writing something up on those soon so keep an eye on his sites.

My baby turned 3 two weeks ago. Seems like just yesterday......

Took a quick trip to La Crosse Wi area last weekend for my brothers graduation reception. Good to see all those folks.

I will post again this week! I mean it! Thanks for being patient. Hopefully you haven't all removed me from your bloggers list.



bluecolnago said...

congrats on the pr!

remember what kerkove says....

"the wind is our mountains"

works for me!

the burley and the girls sounds like a good training tool!

peace out, yo!

Captain Bob said...

I hear ya. What a mountain it was!

Good tool indeed. I should drop off the Burley for a weekend.....& the girls too. I need a vacation.....

bluecolnago said...

ha ha ha! i just had a house full of grandkids! whoaaaaaaaaa....... they are sooooooo much fun!

Guitar Ted said...

Someone told me you posted about your Mamasita and I said, "Yeah, whatever! That's been up for a month now!" And he said,"No, not the Ergon grip shot."

I said, "Really!, I can't belive it!"

I was actually excited to see this!

john said...

What about Chequamegon?