Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ride till the cows come home......

I wish I could on a day like today. Just a perfect day to out riding a Salsa Mamasita. Everyday is a good day for that though. I had quite a bit of company today. Saw a friend out jogging, saw some cows, horses, dead coons, hawks and a couple of dogs. I think the cows were wondering where they can get a fancy 29er like mine. I said they could have it for $1500 but they just told me to move.....or maybe they said moo. Maybe I left before they finished....they could have been starting to say mooooola. Crap! I bet one of them had the cash! Oh well. I know they would have complained about the spd's pedals. I bet they would prefer those egg beaters. Mainly just so they could tease all the chickens back at the farm.

By the way.....if you are looking for a single speed mtb or a cross bike, stay tuned. In the near future I will have three to five bikes for sale. Good prices too.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend! Check out this site later today or tonight for some cross action fotos.


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