Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time to put away the bikes & get out the real power!

That's right folks. I just needed something to replace my need for speed. What else would be better than a snowmobile? Fresh powder makes my mouth drool like singletrack does for when I am biking.

Gotta play it safe though. You never know what is under that snow.

Later folks. Gotta ride before the snow melts.



B I D W E L L said...

What kind of snow suit are you wearing?? Your arms look plastic!!!

Captain Bob said...

It is plastic. If you fall off it's really tough getting back up on the sled. I try to make a point of not falling off. Plastic snowmobile suits would become more mainstream if they offered a little more flexibility.

On the other side of this you cannot beat the wind blocking attibutes that plastic offers.

Striker said...

Hmmm... That's one small snowmobile!

Captain Bob said...

It's designed around the new compact frame geometry.