Monday, December 03, 2007

What is this white stuff? Hmm...guess I'll go riding.

The white stuff finally came. Thankfully, Cuz and I still made it out for a ride before the ice came. This was Saturday at the boy scout camp. Sure was a nice morning. Once on the trails you really couldn't feel the wind. I was able to ride the Mamasita Salsa for a hot lap and then out on the Raleigh XXIX. Geared and single speed. Both were loads of fun. For the most part Cuz and I spent the morning hunting for traction. The snow covered leaves were a little slipery but nothing too challenging as long as we didn't push it too hard.

Check out this pic of this tank thing. I just has Nuke written all over it I think. It was still there tonight. not sure what's up. His engine was running on Sat am and it's just sitting there today. Sure would like to know why.

That's all for now.......I'm tired.



D.P. said...

I'm guessing the tank is a ball mill for processing mineral ores. I've seen mills that size at the iron mines in MN, lead mines in MO and copper and gold/silver mines in the western US.

Captain Bob said...

Interesting....Thanks or the info dp.

B I D W E L L said...

Thanks for the ride cuz, and everything else. The 3 tier hill from hell sucked on your SS ;) I'm a wuss.

Guitar Ted said...

Hey, it's going to be nice this weekend. Any chance the trails would be rideable?