Sunday, August 10, 2008


Look at what I am riding now. Yup. Skinny tires again/ Still a 29er though. This will be a nice ride that I hope to put a lot of miles on. Nice comfy steel. Gotta love that. Might even make it to some of those goofy road rides that leave Bike Tech during the week.....just maybe.

Sounds like the Bike Tech racers had an awesome time at Leadville. Good job folks. Our buddy Kerkove kicked some butt too. Nice effort Jeff. Great finish.

See you all soon I hope.



The Jackal said...

Welcome back to the dark side. The Force is strong within you, you should harness your anger. You can rule the galaxies!!!!!

Captain Bob said...

I wish my name was Luke.

ccong said...

Someone, long ago in the Advantage Cyclery days, had a green Tommasini. Was it G-Ted or someone else? Pretty bike. I mean that as a compliment. Back in Leadville I told a guy he had a pretty Jeep and he flipped me off. It was pretty, though - bright red and lots of chrome.

bluecolnago said...

that is one sweet ride!!!