Sunday, August 03, 2008

working for the weekend paid off

Busy week at work and home sure made for a nice weekend. I still ripped down all of the old dryall in the garage so we can get ready for new insulation, electrical, walls and drywall. Ok! Ripping down drywall stinks big time. Totally stinks!

Ok. Now for the fun. We started of Friday night with
the kitty parade. Good times. Madee rode her bike and pulled Ella in the Burley. They had a blast. Then, we headed over to where the parade ended at Chapin's Park. There was lots of games and events for the girls to enjoy. Face painting, bean bag toss, mini golf and a few others. Hot dogs were being eaten by all. Good stuff. Lots of fun. We headed for home after that for some rest time. After we all rested for a couple of hours and cleaned up we headed over to the South end of town to check out the fireworks. It's a nice area where most everyone sits too. It is in the ball diamond. There are only three exits to the diamond and that leaves the entire outfield for the kids to play safely in. Don't really have to watch them too close either. Good times. Fireworks were good too.

I even got two mini rides in. Was able to blow off just enough steam to relax but not too much. that left me fresh for that drywall project.

It was a nice spending some quality time just hanging with my three favorite women. Not a rushed weekend at all and I loved it.

Hope yours was swell too.

Oh yeah. Does riding your bike ever make you pucker? Me neither but apparently in the last photo I must have that problem. My mouth has a puckered look to it. So does the bill of my Walz cap. Hmm. What's up with that?



C. Engstrom said...


I like the sunflower pic. It is my new desktop wallpaper. Hope you don't mind. Thanks!

Captain Bob said...

Don't mind at all. Thanks Craig.

How ya been?

bluecolnago said...

looks like a pucker factor of, oh, maybe 1. when it gets above 4 you have to start worrying....

Guitar Ted said...

I thought maybe you were munchin' on a bug. :-0

B I D W E L L said...

... or a spider... Awesome pics cuz- maybe see you at the reunion this weekend!!!