Tuesday, November 04, 2008


That's right folks. Out of town for two days. Going up to MN to ride with my buddy G-Ted. We will be hooking up with these guys and these guys. Should prove to be a great time. Lots of riding and great times hanging out with some great people. Should be just what I need. I have been a little on edge these days and I hope I come back refreshed and easier to get along with.

I will be bringing back some great photos so stay tuned. For now though I leave you with a parting shot of the gear pile that is on my deck.

Ride your bikes today folks......it could just be the last great day of weather for 2008.



B I D W E L L said...

Nice choice in rigs! I LOVE that Dillinger! Have a good time cuz!

john said...

grumpy, huh?
mt biking in the great white north ought to take care of that

bluecolnago said...

are you still there, buddy?