Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am here. Not lost in Minnesota.

Sorry for the lack of posting. This house project is killing me people. I am less than two weeks from being done. Done!!!!

Ok. So now I need to reflect a bit on the tip. Thanks to G-Ted for the invite up to Minneapolis. Greatly appreciated. We rode with the Twin Six crew on Tuesday at Murphy. That was a nice time riding on some great swoopy singletrack. A must see for all mountain bikers. They even treated us to dinner which was a great time. Brent is a cool kat. He even threw me a new jersey, bottle and a pair of matching sox. Sweet!

We met up with Jason Boucher (the GM at Salsa Cycles) on Tuesday evening. You may have read over at the G-Ted site that there was plenty of camera talk and drool going on. Then, we worked on the new Salsa Fargo's which is what we were going to ride on Wednesday morning. That was a lot of fun. I don't get to hang out with cool bike dudes very often when time is in limited supply. So, hanging out was way awesome. We woke up early and headed out. Rode the Minnesota River trail. Saw some pretty cool landscape and rode some great trails. We met up with a bunch of the Salsa Crew. Rode for a bit longer and then stopped by the river to make a campsite. Started a fire while others were cooking up some breakfast. Wow! That is way cool. I need to do this more often. I have never stopped during a ride for this sort of downtime. Man, what a treat! After that we hopped back on the sweet riding Fargo's and headed for Quality Bicycle Components which houses Salsa Cycles (and Surly). We had a quick meet and greet. I met some new folks and said hi to some old friends. We were even able to grab a keepsake from the legendary Salsa Free Table. Thanks for the hat guys. You have a super cool work environment. I wish I was able to have such a comfortable workspace at my job. Well, it was getting late and we had about another 25 miles to ride so we headed back. The ride home was fun but I was beat. Beat bad. Lots of riding and not enough foord I guess. After the ride was over Jason treated us to some huge burritos. Pablos sytle folks. The ride home was nice. Hanging with the G Man was fun. We both had a nice time remembering reflecting on the two days.

Thanks to the Twin Six crew for showing us Murphy. Thanks again for dinner and the swag. Salsa Cycles. Thanks to all that came out to ride with us. This is something I will always remember and greatly appreciate. Very cool two days for sure.

Captain Bob


B I D W E L L said...

Looked liek a great time- nice folk! Can't wait to see the mansion!

Coming out Sat AM?

Guitar Ted said...

Hey! It was great hanging out with you too. What a fantastic time, and the Minny-apple-puss posse' is a great gang.

And don't forget Milltown Cycles, Ben Witt, and the 36"er dude! So much packed into two days, ya can't remember it all!

See ya soon!

GNAT said...

Captain, it's about time. I thought I was gonna have to come down there and download your pics for ya!

Great finally riding with you. Thanks again for coming on up. Next time, maybe you can ride the Selma. ;)

Captain Bob said...

Mansion? Not sure about that. Come over anytime though Coz.

G-Ted. Oh man! How could I forget about Ben at Milltown? That was a good time too. SO many things all crammed into two days.

Gnat. I am so far behind on more than just blogging. I did have a great time and can't wait to do it again, on any bike but the Selma would be sweet.

Michael Meiser said...


I've seen pics of this ride elsewhere.

Funny to see it from another perspective. (Funny cool.)

I recognize that waldo with the campy cap and ibis logo on his back. He's a joker. Avoid him like you'd avoid the bronze. Wool lover.