Thursday, February 04, 2010

fargone fargo

I've been having a really hard time lately with my Salsa Fargo. During the summer I had her built up with a Mary type bar upside down. It was comfortable enough for gravel and paved roads but anything off road was certainly a challenge. the front tire did nothing but wash out at every turn which caused a ton of braking. I even toasted an entire set of pads during one of Gnat's Fargo rides. I was also running a 120mm stem to get the bar out where I needed it (and anyone that knows 29ers will tell you that you shouldn't have to run a stem that long). The top tube of the Fargo was sized for being run with a drop bar which gives you the extra distance.

So, I bought the new Salsa Woodchipper. It's what most would call the perfect dirt drop bar. I think they are right too. However, I can seem to get quite comfortable. I have tried running it low and also high. Yeah, even in the middle too. The first and foremost problem I have is the palm and wrist on my left arm. I am still suffering the effects from the broken elbow. I am not sure how long this will persist. I know for sure that the drop section of the bar puts pressure in the wrong spot of my palm. It's the same spot that the steering wheel of the car presses on too.

So, I guess I am a crossroads with this bike. I think it would be a better fit for me if I owned an Xl frame size intead of the L my current set up would be perfect. Problem is the standover height is WAY too tall for me on the XL. I don't think I should make any drastic decisions until the weather is better and I can get some more normal rides in with the Woodchipper. I did have bar tape on the drops section of the chippers and it was wrapped pretty fat. Still not right. If if I raise the bars too high, which would help the drops, then the hoods and flat part is worthless to me.

All I know is that with the Mary bar set up and Ergon grips I can ride all day and be comfortable. Well, other than the sketchy off road parts.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to the three people reading this blog. Man, I never should have taken so many months off from blogging. :-)



Ari said...

I would call Salsa Cycles and one of those friendly amigos would be most happy to help out with questions. It took me months to set mine up. I run a xl with a thomson stem and on one midge bars. I dialed the position to ride in the drops and forgot about the tops.

Captain Bob said...

You're right Ari. The Salsa crew would be able to offer up some pretty good advice. I'll think about that. It's strange that a flat bar with round grips doesn't cause much pain and a large degree bend bar "with ergon grips" leaves me pain free. Strange.