Sunday, February 07, 2010

fun fun Sunday....

I have mixed emotions about today. We just didn't make it to Sunday School or Church. We were starting to get ready and decided to not go. It was a tough decision but with my head cold I knew I didn't need to be there. We have a lot of elderly folk there and sit pretty close to each other. Also, my little girl has been battling a bumb leg. She apparently injured herself Wednesday evening at gymnastics. She has some bad pain just above her ankle on the inside of her leg. It seems like the same spot where I get shin splints but I know that's not what it is. Ella has also been having a lot of growing pains. So, went to the Dr on Saturday morning and he didn't think anything was wrong. We decided to save her from radiation and will wait to do an x-ray until Monday, if it still hurts her. She does seem to be getting a little better so we'll see. With ss being upstairs and with part of the morning sermon for the kids being in the basement we decided to just skip today. My in-laws made a trip over for lunch today and we all had a nice time. Good food. The kids were a little stir crazy and I decided I needed to get some fresh air. So, we bundled up and headed out for some sledding around the yard. With all the melting as of late It made it too slippery for me to get any traction to pull the sled. So, I fired up the old lawn mower and pulled them around for a while. As you can see the girls had a pretty good time. I did too and the cold air didn't see bother me too much until I topped out the mower which goes 7 mph. Pretty fast for a mower and fast enough for the win to get into my ears. I am paying for it now. I can feel the darn ears filling up with fluid. I better take it easy for a few days in hopes that I will be ready to get back outside for a ride soon.

Super Bowl? Yeah, I watched it. Good game. I didn't have a favorite team when the game started but I ended up pulling for the Saints by halftime. They seemed to want it just a bit more than the Colts. Good game though.



Travel Gravel said...

Thanks you so much for the more eye friendly contrast of type color/background! I guess it's the Saints now, not the Ain'ts

Captain Bob said...

I never gave it much thought but the other day Pam said, "How can anyone read that?" Then it hit me so, there you go.

Plus I am on a new team and out colors are green and yellow so I thought the change would be cool.

Thanks for reading.