Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo Friday

Thought I would give photo Friday a shot this week. Before I left the house this morning I knew something dramatic would unfold from the sky. So, I packed my little old Fuji p&s camera. It doesn't do low light so well but any picture is better than no picture at all. My window of the Cube was frozen shut so I had to get out of the car for this shot. I took two more shots before this one but neither of those two had the color in the clouds yet. It's crazy how fast the sun rises and sets.

No kidding here, I shot each of these frames less than 2 minutes apart. I drove 1 mile and then stopped to take another shot....then another mile and then another. I like the 3rd shot best. I was able to use the car door for stability.

I was a bit disappointed when the sun actually crested the horizon because all of the color pretty much disappeared. Oh well, I think almost getting hit by a school bus once was enough.

Have a great Friday and don't forget to look to the sun for some warm photo inspiration.



Joe said...

Nice shots!!!

B I D W E L L said...

Saw the display, thank you mother nature- wondered if you would get some shots- Thanx for posting cuz!

Guitar Ted said...

Sweet! I really like those views.

Thanks for stopping by today!

扇子 said...
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