Thursday, July 26, 2007

Final Vintage photo post.

Who can guess where this shot was taken?

The year was 2000. This was also the last year that I was "sort of" fast.

The bike was a Giant Cadex (carbon fiber) rigid single speed.

Beginner Class and the placing was 3rd.

The winner gets a free water bottle from your shop of choice. Just don't let them see you take it.

Happy guessing!



john said...

I'm going with Hickery Hills. Do I win the S Works?

Jeff Kerkove said...

I am going to say Boone....err.....7 Oaks

Guitar Ted said...

Ya, it's not Hickory Hills. There isn't a chair lift there, and I think I see one in the pic.

Heck, I don't know where it is since I gave up hamster wheel courses in '97. :)

Captain Bob said...

Good one GT. I'll post the correct answer later tonight.

Captain Bob said...

Ok. Jeff is the big winner. It was at Boone. Seven Oaks.

Godd luck getting the prize. Clark has hidden cameras throughout the shop.