Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vintage time folks!

Can you guess who this fine looking man is? This is the guy you don't want to let your daughter date. No, his name is not Earl.

You guessed it. It's me. It was right after I competed in my first mtb race. It was 1996 (I think) and it was at, the hat gives it away. Volga. I was riding a fancy Pacific from Toys R Us. It even had a suspension fork. Yikes! So glad it didn't break on me. I finished dead last too. There were a few that didn't finish. My greatest memory was this old guy in a poncho cheering me on about a 1/4 mile from the finish. One of my old buddies & I called him the Mountain Man. The mountain man was from the Specialized bike helmet. I think this guy even raced that day but finished way ahead of me and had time to cheer us slow folk on. Can you guess who that was? You're right! The one and only John Adamson.

It is a fond memory indeed. Thanks again for the cheer John....


john said...

We had some fine racing at Volga. If it weren't for the sand, Volga could be one of the best epic marathon courses around.
A Pacific, really? Have you ever riden a finer bike?
We ought to have a camp out and ride up there this fall.

bluecolnago said...

sweet pic, cap'n!!!!!

am i surprised that john finished then cheered? nope! he's like that, ya know... :)

B I D W E L L said...

What a stud!
Musta been bout the time you got the "Cap'n moniker"

Captain Bob said...

John. Most likely it would rain & ruin the camp. But, the trails would be better.

Blue, John is an animal.

Bidwell, I got the name the summer before.

ccong said...

Looks like Effing Clint to me.