Thursday, July 12, 2007


Wow! Amazing how fast time flies. Sorry for the lack of posting. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I competed in the Team Time Trial. What a blast. New found territory for me having never done a real road race. Also, never ridden 60 miles in one shot either. I know, never done 60 I have. It was great. Never had that much fun on a road bike.

Also enjoyed the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. What a hoot. Spent some time riding some pretty nice bikes. You should all put this on your calendar next year. Great riding and fellowship with tons of folks that love to ride their bikes.

Did a couple camp rides since my last post. Even a George Wyth to Greenbelt ride with G-Ted and Striker. Good times.

Still loving the Salsa Mamasita. Finally put on a Salsa Shaft seatpost. That baby is rock solid and has some pretty cool features. Works well so gotta love that.

Also been spending a lot of time focusing on the ergonmics of the Ergon GE1 enduro grip. I just love the sweet spot. It fits the palm of my hand perfectly. They make out of the saddle climbing extra comfy. I need a single speed for these grips now.

Finished my Schwinn single speed cross bike. I know, it has riser bars. Its fun and makes for a great gravel beater. Right now it has two cogs in the rear but spacing wise I can make it a 3 geared. Obviously, you have to move the rear wheel to shift. I think a 14t, 16t, & 18t mated to the 36t front is perfect for my needs. It also might be for sale soon after I get some miles on it. Pretty light too as I'm guessing it to be around 20lbs (maybe 19lbs). Just need to swap out the wheels for the silver ones that will stay on her (pink nipples on those black rims don't cut it with the red stripes) and add the bar-end plugs & she will be finished. Oh yeah, I re-attach the head badge.

Now I will leave you with a photo dump of recent weeks.

Captain Bob.....

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