Friday, March 21, 2008

Wahoo! Feeling good enough for a ride.

Got in about three miles last night just riding to the corner and back. Wife was working last night and while the kids were outside playing I decided to try riding again. No pain while pedaling. It actually felt more like coasting. I don't want to rush things either. I was taken off my 10 pound lift restriction as of Thursday but popping a wheelie is still to much to try. Oh well, in due time.
I slapped a new chain on the Salsa El Mariachi last night . It's a Wipperman and it is pretty beefy. Not the fattest one they make but still pretty big. I actually had the put the quick link thingie facing on the inside as it was catching on the chain guard. I will be putting a thin washer between the guard and the crank arms hopefully this weekend. That should help.
I will probably be riding this old Raleigh quite a bit on the gravel until things dry up. I just can't stomach the rotten coating that the soggy gravel puts on my El Mariachi and Mamasita. Especially when I don't have any extra time lately to give them a proper cleaning. I will hopefully be able to get in a good ride on Saturday. It will be gravel and will be the first real ride since the surgery. I will get at least 20 miles in. I would love to get in 30 miles but that may be pushing it. I guess it all depends on how slow the gravel is and how much effort I have to put out to keep the bike rolling. If the gravel is fast, I shouldn't have to work quite as hard. If it slow and I have to grunt up climbs then I may not be out as long as I hope. We will see though. With snow in the forecast I guess anything can happen.

Take care.....

Captain Bob


Guitar Ted said...

Hey! Great news! I hope you got that ride in as planned.

Do ya think cedar Bend will be rideable soon?

Captain Bob said...

I will hopefully be able to check that out this coming weekend.