Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's new?

Not much here. Just doing a little bit of riding. Getting ready for the big day. That would be this Thursday. Going under the knife. Hernia's getting the best of me so I will let the Doc get the best of Mr. H. Should be back on the bike in one week. Can't wait.

Picked up a few toys to play with during my recovery. Should have them built up in a week or two. Might make a fixie road bike and a single speed monster cross. Should be fun.

I should be posting a bit more often but something always seems to steer me away from the computer lately. Seems to be my little lady hogging the computer most of the time. She has discovered craigslist.org and I just can't seem to get her off the junk. Oh well, whatever makes her happy.



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
john said...

Rob - Is the Centurion going to be your new road machine? I' still riding an old 6 speed 600 bike for roller workouts - good old bike.
What does it mean - comment has been deleted?
Good luck with your fight with Mr H.

Captain Bob said...

It was going to be my road bike but it is a tad small. Mainly too low of head tube. Weird thing.

The comment was a spammer and had two links to viruses. It almost got me when I was trying to visit that persons blog. Quick fingers on my part save me $100 in computer repairs.

Guitar Ted said...

Capt. That spammer hit a few other bloggers lately too. I almost fell for it as well.

Take it easy and heal well.

I'll be praying for a spedy recovery.

bluecolnago said...

i hate virus spreading spammers.