Thursday, June 12, 2008

don't ya come round here no more........

this picture shouldn't require too much explaining. The little pain in the rump is still warm. That's right folks.....I killed this little guy with on what could have been strike three but I connected and put him over the fence. Bases weren't loaded but who cares. One hit put him out of my misery.

So, ever feeling like flying round my house scaring the wife.....might want to think twice about it. I am a tennis pro!

This was our second bat tonight and fourth one in two weeks. I think we found where they have been coming in and I have installed an electric fence. 220 volt of course. No, I haven't taken a leak on it yet and don't plan to.

The upside of having bats in you house? No misquito's!



Guitar Ted said...

Wow! Has it been THAT long since I've been here? Time flies......

Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the blog.

Nice lookin critter at any rate. Nice shot too, those things are hard to hit! Maybe now you can make the t-ball league with Maddie. ;-)

bluecolnago said...

when we get a bat in the house i'll catch it with a pillow case and let it loose outside. judy hates 'em but, like you said, they eat skeeters. :)

Captain Bob said...

Make the T-Ball league? Those kids would kill me. I actually get to fill in for the coach next week. Should be fun.

I heard from a bat expert that if you don't kill them they will keep coming back in. They apparently remember the route very well.

ccong said...

Bats are great animals - OUTSIDE

When we get a bat in the house, Lisa does a catch 'n' release while I hide in a closet.

I like to save my courage for true crisies, like centipedes in the bathtub, earwigs in the mailbox, etc.