Sunday, June 08, 2008

hill climbing.

Saturday was a stay at home day for me. Pam was on call so the only way i could get a ride in was to stay within shouting distance of the homestead. So, at the end of my driveway starts a nice little gravel road hill. I works pretty well for some sprinting/climbing training. Two types of training was what I focused on Saturday while riding my new Vassago Jabberwocky single speed. Seated climbing and out of the saddle climbing. On a single speed I prefer the out of the saddle workout. Overall, it seems to work more of my entire body since I have to use my arms and waist more. Even seems to give the tits a tone session. Feeling it a little today so I know I worked hard enough to make it count. I have not made enough time lately to ride so when I do I have to really make it count.

Today we are dealing with crappy weather again and sure enough I have water in the basement again. This time only it some corners though and it has been trickling into the floor drain so no problems yet. Hopefully the little breaks in the showers will be enough to hold off any major flooding for me. I hope everyone reading this knows that I am thinking of them too and hope they are all staying safe and dry. I did get a few miles of riding in today around the house. I went flood water damage spotting and didn't see too much around our place. That's good cause our gravel roads have really been taking a beating this season.

Hope you all stay flood free and have a chance to ride your bikes.



john said...

Rob - Between floods we've been able to do some riding. I've been thinking about a generator for the next time our sump pump needs some help. It was easier to clean up the second time - Sat night...getting the basement cleaned!

Captain Bob said...

I picked up my little sump pump a few years ago at a garage sale for $5. It works so well. Even at the retail price of $70. it would be worth the money. It's a nice thing to have in case a neighbor needs it too. Who wants to run to the store during a flood.

Hope you didn't suffer too much damage. If you need me to store any of your nice bikes I will. Can't promise that I won't ride them though.

Ari said...

I like the bikes you showed. I remember doing a lot of riding when I was young on one of those Raleighs. The thing got such bad speed wobbles that it would freak out my friend Pete.
hope all is well.
from Sycamore, IL.