Saturday, January 16, 2010

hazy day in the saddle.....

bout time I started getting in shape again. I have been so bad at getting much saddle time lately. I have been pretty reluctant to ride on my roads and this dates way back to last winter when I broke my elbow. I mounted up some different tires for this weekend and it made a difference. The Geax Barro Race TNT's don't have a very deep tread but the compound is pretty tacky so they really gripped the ice and packed snow. Softer snow was a little bit of a problem but I managed. If we get more snow I will have to put on the Racing Ralph 2.4's which haven't seen much action this winter.

I was more than happy with the 2 hrs I was able to get in. There were a few photo breaks which I needed. Riding the single speed with a pretty easy gear left me bouncing quite a bit so my tush needed those breaks. My gearing was 34x18 which is not a great gravel road ration for my area of the state. I will be hopefully be running a 36x16 Monday when I ride.

So, there you go. My first real post in too many months.


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