Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, plans always seem to change with me so why not just roll with it. I have been contemplating the build on a few different bikes for most of the winter. The Selma will be the first one to get a change however, it may not last into the summer. First off you'll see a new fork. That is G-Ted's test for from Wes Willits named the "WOW" (weird or what). It does look weird but not as bad at the lime green it was last week. It has now been stipped of it's paint and buffed over with sand paper and scotch brite. It needs a little more work before it gets some clearcoat. I may even have to sandblast it a bit. It was pretty nasty under the paint.

I also switched over to a silver seatpost which matches nicely with the fork. The Salsa stem will remain on this bike. I plan to get a new handlebar though but have't quite nailed down which one yet. Also, I swapped over to a different saddle. This one is much more comfy on longer distances which will help since I plan to use this as a longer distance single speed gravel grinder. I have a sweet set of wheels I will post about next week but there is some product that's going to be for sale soon here to fund another wheelset. I will be shopping for something Easton related.

Hope ill today so no riding for me but maybe Friday after work I can get in a few miles before the darkness sets in.


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