Monday, January 18, 2010

just hanging out....

It's been a fun weekend here at the Walters. Sunday was a fun filled day. Starts off with Sunday School and church. Then, a quick trip to the grocery store for some good eats. Once home we snacked a bit and then ate some good lunch that Pam prepared for the girls and myself. Pam's on call this weekend so she wasn't able to make the trip to ss and church due to it being farther than her 30 minute limit to the hospital. Boy, she prepared some sweet pork chops for us. Thanks!!

After the twerps took naps I decided it was time to get out the modeling clay that I picked up the other day at Hobby Lobby. Tons of fun for $2.00. I went to the craft store just to pick up some latex mold builder for MG's tubeless tire sealant brew. When I saw the clay at the checkout lane I knew I had to get it. Better than play dough in the fact that it doesn't dry out for a long long time.

So, we rolled, squeezed, smashed, poked and molded for about two hours. That's right. All four of us at the dinner table. Each of us working at our own station stealing ideas from each other. Good times. I can't wait for the next go-round.


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