Monday, January 25, 2010

Vikes out........

So, being a Vikings fan started when I was about two years old. My grandfather forced it upon me before I knew what the game was. It stuck with me to this day. Football is a game I love to play and watch. However, getting older has not settled well with me when it comes to my team making mistakes which costs them the game. Last night was one of those days again. The Vikes, no matter how great their team was this year, was not error free. So many big errors too. You have to hang onto the ball. So, as I write this blog I can say that my football days are over again. I will play ball with the local kids that think I am as good as Brett Farve but I will have to change the channel next time I see a game. I just get so mad I feel like a kid not getting my way.

You know, I sure could have rode a few miles when the game aired but I chose to sit on the couch and consume empty calories and be mad at folks that make millions of dollars each game they play.

Oh well, I consider myself growing up now.


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bluecolnago said...

i know exacctly how you feel. go steelers!