Thursday, February 12, 2009

fond memories

I often think about the trip up north that G-Ted and I took this last fall. We rode Fargo's all day long with the Salsa Crew. Thanks again Salsa. Check out the mtbr link and you will see that folks are finally getting their new Fargo's built up. Pretty cool. You can see more pics here too.

Make sure you go far on your next ride. I will be thinking of you.



Guitar Ted said...

I am sure glad you came along for that Captain! What a great weekend indeed. I hope to repeat something like that with you again this year. Whatta ya say?

Just rode the Fargo yesterday and in to work and back today again. It's a great bike, for sure!

Captain Bob said...

Another trip? Count me in for sure.

You're making me jealous with your Fargo rides.

GNAT said...

That was a fun little ride. Next time, we'll add an overnight to the ride. Now that sounds like a plan. Let's get it on the calendar now.

I rode my Fargo today too!

Captain Bob said...

I see that you were out on a Fargo Superlight today..... Do give us some details on that rig.

Guitar Ted said...

Captain: Let's pencil in something for an overnight somewhere. I can talk to Gnat about it at Frostbike. Think about it and let me know!

Captain Bob said...

Pick a couple of dates and let me know. Then I can see when Pam works and get one planned.