Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Well, not much going on today. Some pain but less than before the cast. Showering is a bit more difficult than before. It's all good though. I still plan to race cirrem but it will most likely be a training ride vs a race for me.

A huge thank you to all that have wished me well. Greatly appreciated.

I will leave you tonight with what I spend most of my time thinking about these days. My new love affair with Selma.



Travel Gravel said...

Cap'n, Having just received the Dr.'s approval today to resume my own riding, I must stress that you do what the Dr. orders. I was off for 6 weeks after nerve surgery. Don't worry, it will heal! Best Wishes. Later!

Michael Meiser said...

Dude, I just read every single post on your blog.

Ok... I fipped through and skimmed them but it still rocks and I did go all the way back to the beginning. Lots of great photos and your sense of humor comes across well. Made me laugh.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm probably missing something

1 broken elbow
1 hernia
1 "thigh burger" (was it)
numerous scraps and bruises

And I'm sure I missed something big scanning this so quick.

You need to learn how to ride a bike dude. :)

Actually... these are the only "trohphies" you've gotten in the last year or two then you're doing better then most.

Hope your elbow is feeling better soon. I have one brother who's broken his forearm twice biking (same arm), and another who's broken both elbows biking (similar to yours.) They call me "he who break two fingers riding".

Dislocate.. and crack. It's always the same... you'd think we'd learn which way joints bend by now.

So, I've been catching up on / discoveirng all the transiowans through the MTBR Transiowa thread.

Your blog was by far the most enjoyable and addictive.

Am I wrong in assuming you'll be at TransIowa. Can't wait to meet some of you crazy Iowans.

Keep riding. Keep blogging.

-Crazy Michigander

B I D W E L L said...

Selma is a hottie!
Did I mention I do custom cast design?

B I D W E L L said...


B I D W E L L said...


B I D W E L L said...


B I D W E L L said...

ok not

B I D W E L L said...


B I D W E L L said...

where's that stupid anon. poster when you need him ;)

Captain Bob said...

travel gravel. Thanks. hope you are 100% soon too.

Michael. Thanks. I am glad you enjoy what I post (when I post). I don't always find my writings very interesting.

Bidwell. We need to set up an appt for some ink. Well, cast ink that is.