Monday, February 09, 2009

Which one are you?

Are you the big grape that everyone wants?
Are you the big grape that always gets noticed first?
Are you the big one that gets picked to be on the team and leaves the little ones out?
I would rather be the little grape. Besides, my sweet little girls loved this little grape more than the big ones. So much that they even had a little fight over it. It's sort of funny but the bigger girl won.

I challenge you today to try to go un-noticed. For those of you that know me might say that this is almost impossible for me to do. Maybe, but I have challenged myself. It is tough for me to not try to be the big grape. But there are rewards. I hear more of what others are saying and I really am learning a lot about my peers. Some good and some bad. I want to be the person in a conversation that is listening, not the person that is just waiting for my turn to talk.

Have a great day! Tomorrow will be warmer I hear.



Captain Bob said...

Ok. I tried. Today I talked to (I mean listened to) three co-workers before they drove me so nuts that I had to stop listening and and revert back to a "waiting to talk" kind of person. I was more of a big grape today.

There's always tomorrow.

Guitar Ted said...

Ehh.don't be so hard on yerself. You tried. That's huge. Don't discount that.

Ask me about the GPS guy next time you see me. It's a great encourager to me and I think you'll find it to be for yourself too.