Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Teesdale gone?

Maybe after this weekend. I have a fella from up north that is pretty interested in the Teesdale. I REALLY hate to see it go but it's time to finish up other bikes and get some nice wheels for the Fargo. They will be the same wheels I use on the Selma set up 1x9 and raced in the Chequamegon 100. I have finished building up the Soul Cycles Dillinger again too. I call it my single speed rigid freeride bike. It handles and rides like one. Laid back and will go over anything easily.

Have a great day folks and ride your bike if you can. Me, I might have to skip my Wed night ride due to rain. We'll see though. Maybe I can get in a little ride.



Guitar Ted said...

I hope it all works out for the best, Captain. That bike has been quite the adventure for you!

Let's hope that 2010 brings more joy filled cycling adventures, eh?

I'm hoping the weather clears up enough for a bit of a spin here. I have the day off!

Captain Bob said...

Yeah, I have had so many feelings about the bike. The deciding factor is that I have way too many bikes and cannot deal with having them all. Messes with me head. I plan to get down to just a few bikes, one of each kind I guess. The older I get the more uncomfortable I am with switching from bike to bike.