Thursday, March 04, 2010

leave work early? good idea!

Headed out of work early today. Lately my rides have not been so fun. Sort of the feeling that I ride and hope I make it home. Always feeling like I am bonking a long ways from home. Not encouraging either. But, Wed was different. I was riding the gravel roads over by the scout camp and I seemed to be getting some strength and snap back into my legs. I felt REALLY good for the first time in about two months. Maybe it's the weather or just that hump I have passed over. Regardless, I felt good and was able to get in right about 42 miles. That's the most I have ridden all winter so I am pleased with that.

I just have one crappy picture from my Blackberry. Left the camera at home on purpose.

Almost forgot to mention the BEST part of the ride........NO WRIST PAIN!