Monday, March 15, 2010

great weekend

A great weekend here at the Walters. Not much biking going on but we did play outside almost all weekend. Especially on Sunday after ss and church. Even made it to the park. Can you believe I didn't take one picture. What's wrong with me?

I also completed the sale on the Teesdale. A cool couple of guys made the trip down from Rochester and hung out in "my shop" for a couple hours. It was really great just hanging out and chatting about bikes and riding. Anyways, the Teesdale is now gone and I am a bit sad to see if go but, it's good to be able to focus on the bikes I have and making them just right. I realized over the weekend that all but one set of pedals are shot. So, now I need to decide if I am going to stay with SPD or head over the the Egg Beater, Time, Look of Speedplay camps. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Right now I am thinking about just staying with SPD.

Wheels! I need a nice 29er geared tubeless wheelset. It's mostly for the Fargo but I will be needing them for the Chequamegon 100 too. That should be the Selma build but things might change. Regardless, I will be running gears for this race.

Going for a ride tonight after work so wish me good weather and a great ride.


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Guitar Ted said...

Stay away from egg beaters unless you like maintenance/warranty issues. My two cents.

Time or Shimano are bombproof.