Thursday, March 11, 2010

almost got it right

I was running some errands after work Wed and swung into Scheels All Sport and headed straight to the clearance racks in their bike dept. Nothing I couldn't live without but I did stumble upon their bmx dept. They have a VERY cool display that is surrounded by chain link fence. It's open so you can walk in but I found it fitting for the typical age group that rides bmx bikes. It had a city park feel to it with bikes leaning up against the fence. Even a few "nice" rigs zip tied to the fence itself for stability.

I almost started thinking that these guys FINALLY have the "real" bike business figured out. That is until I saw the tag on this little SE Racing Ripper X. Or should I say "Fuji." I had to take a picture. I didn't think twice about the decision I made to not tell any of the staff. They need to figure this crap out for themselves.

After that, there was and elderly man who looked like he was really ready to buy a bike. I listened a little while one of the clerks explained the single speed Trek Lime to the man. The man kept asking why the front hub was so different and what the big plastic box was under the bottom bracket area. The clerk kept telling the man that the hub was a fashion feature and the black box was for the speedometer (which is didn't have). Then, the phone rang and the clerk never returned. 5 minutes later I went over to the man and explained that the bike was a 3 speed electronic shifting bike with internal gears and a coaster brake. I went over with him how it all worked. Then, I suggested a couple other shops in town that I call "real bike shops."

I call that my good deed for the day.



Guitar Ted said...


bluecolnago said...

you did the right thing.... :)

john said...

Troy used to have me go in and check things out. I'd walk around and get the information that Troy was interested in - then I ask them for some really high end thing and the clerk would not have any idea what I was talking about - I tell them - that's OK, I'll go to a bike shop and buy it.

Carl Buchanan said...

There is a reason that the Cedar Falls Scheel's is a joke when it comes to cycling and this is a prime example.